Our Wedding Weekend in Brum

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Well hello there!

Wow, i haven't written a post for what seems like agggeees! So first of all, sorry! Life has taken over as usual and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the evening for everything! So anyways, this weekend we went to a wedding up in Birmingham. Mark was Best Man and i did the Bridal Makeup. It's not often i get opportunities to do freelance makeup since i left the industry so of course i jumped when i heard our friends were getting married and i offered to do the makeup as a wedding present.

I got up early Saturday morning and had to be ready by 10am. It felt wrong getting myself all dolled up so early in the day but i had to get myself sorted before being picked up to go to the Bride's house to do the makeup. I had a couple of dilemmas, one being i'd forgotten my foundation. I mean, what a stupid thing to forget, who forgets their foundation when they go to a wedding lol! I guess i was so worried making sure i didnt forget the bride's makeup, that i forgot to bring all of mine! It was ok though, as i just improvised and used concealer where i needed it and all was ok :)

I got to the Bride's house ( her name is Liz) and was expecting everyone to be running around like headless chickens but actually everyone seemed quite calm. I quickly got down to doing Liz's makeup and making her up to be the beautiful bride she was. There's always a lot of pressure when it comes to Bridal Makeup as you want to make sure that A. the bride is happy and B. the makeup will last all day and look good in the pictures. Luckily Liz loved the makeup and it was still sat nicely on her face come 10pm and i only had to touch her up once during the whole day. I took a before and after photo for you guys to see. I am waiting for the photographer to get back to me as i have asked for a couple of portrait photos to post on here and then i can do a tutorial on how i did it and the products i used.



Here are a few more photos i took with my camera of the happy couple. 

Of course it goes without saying that i wanted some piccies taken of myself and Mark, especially as i never get to wear a dress these days unless there is a special occasion luming! I managed to purchase this little purple number from Asos a week before and i was so pleased at how well it fitted :) Yay! 

All in all, it was a lovely weekend! Very busy but fun at the same time! I cant wait to get hold of the professional photos so i can post my wedding makeup tutorial, so stay posted for that! You can however also view them on the photographer's blog now. Just visit  Sally Wood Photography

Byeee! xxx

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iHeart Instagram #2

What's up lovelies!

Sorry i haven't been about for a few days, needed a few evenings of rest away from my laptop and also i have been getting ready for our weekend away in Birmingham. We are off to Mark's best friend's wedding where he will be Best Man and i will be doing the gorgeous bride's bridal makeup! I'm soo excited, i love a good English wedding don't you! :)

So here is my week in piccies. It was meant to be posted on Monday but hey ho, life takes over as usual!

Enjoy! xx

1. Cake!!!! This was actually taken a couple of weeks back and i found it and couldn't resist putting it into my little collage! My office held a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. A few of the girls who organised it happen to be very keen bakers and brought an array of delicious treats in for us all.  Here i have a Red Velvet and a chocolate and banana cupcake. Yummy!

2.  I just love this little tea light holder, it's emits a beautiful glow and makes everything look so cosy. It was actually bought last Christmas when i went to Berlin with Mark for my 29th Birthday. I really wish i had picked up two now darn it :) I usually place it on our hearth as we have a little gas fire in our flat which is a godsend in the colder days/nights!

3. Man i was sooo poorly a week back. I thought i might escape the dreaded cold bug that was going around but nooooo. Not me. I was  ok then bam, i woke up on a Saturday full of cold and it left me really wiped out. As you can see my decongestant tablets, strepsils, tissues and tea kept me going :)

4 & 5. Pay day!! So off i went to Primarney and did a little haul which i was going to do a Haul Video on but my camera is so crap at taking movies that i gave up. I love Primark for it's bargains and i have come away with some really good things that have lasted me well! I bought these black ankle boots for work and i'm hoping they last as long as my other Primark boots which is about a year now. Not bad for a tenner!

6. I was in Waitrose, trying to decide on what dessert to buy. There was so much to choose from, i just couldn't seem to make my mind up haha! In the end i went for the Caramel Sundae and the Strawberry Sundae.

7. I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford, London) and last week i popped in after work to get a few bits and then meet Mark to go to Pizza Express. I took a photo of Links of London. I have two more charms to get for my bracelet and sometimes i wander by and take a look at what they have so i can add them to my wish lists :)

8.  Ahhhh my godsend at work. My mini hot water bottle and my mug :) I have been suffering quite a lot lately with IBS and this little bottle helps soo much. My manager actually bought it for me along with one for herself and they were purchased from Amazon for about £6.00 each.

9. I took this on Sunday. It's not often i wear my hair extensions but as i got my hair cut on Sat with a Wahanda voucher, i decided to see what they looked like. I had some shorter layers cut in, which i love and i found my extensions blended in better with them. The extensions are the Foxylocks in 160grams. You can see a review of my Foxylocks here!

And that's about it! What did you lovely ladies get up to?

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The Lazy Sunday Pyjama Hop #1

Hello there!

Welcome to my first ever blog hop dedicated to Lifestyle Bloggers! I decided to set up this weekly hop to spread the lifestyle blog love and get lifestyle blogs out there a bit more. I have no idea if this blog hop will be successful or not and so it's kinda like my little project that i'm dabbling with.

If you have never heard of a hop and wondering what an earth it is, well it's basically a page where everybody submit's their blog links every week and people then visit and hop through each link until they find blogs they want to follow. The bigger the hop, the more chance of gaining new followers and the more blogs you will find to add to your reading list :)

Beauty and Fashion Bloggers who post lifestyle content are most welcome to join in on the hop too, afterall this is a PJ party and everyone is invited :)

 The Rules of the PJ Hop

  1. There are none! Well not really. All i ask is you follow at least one other blogger from the hop, let them know you found them through the Pyjama Hop and mention the hop on twitter or as a blog post. This will help to spread the word of the blog round other fellow lifestyle blogettes :) 
  2. Optional - Feel free to follow,  grab my button on the left sidebar if you fancy joining the hop again next week or leave a comment below, if you so wish!
That's it :) Nice and fuss free. Just want you want on a Lazy Sunday eh!

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NOTW - Candy Pink Nails

Evening Blogettes

Wow, 2 posts in one day! Blimey i must have time on my hands! As you know from one of my posts last week ( see HERE) that i have been taking folic acid supplements for the last few months and i noticed a huge improvement in my nails. And so because of this i have been fully taking advantage of painting my nails all sorts of colours and designs as much as i possibly can :)

This week i went for the 'barbie' look. I have so many pink nail varnishes, i'm sure i don't need all of them but i can never resist when i see one, it just says 'buy me pretty please..?' So i do..! What can i say? No self control!

The colour below is from the KIKO range. I love their polishes, they do so many colours and they last ages. They are gel polishes so are meant to last longer than normal polishes! I added two black stripes on the accent finger with an LA Colors Nail Art Brush and added some holographic glitter polish over the top.

What do you think? Do you have a weakness for pink polish like i do? xxx


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LOTD - Casual Saturdays


Hello Blogettes!
Today i bring to you a LOTD post which i have never done before i don't think and since i went on a little spree today and spent waaay too much money (oops!) i thought it only right to share it with you!

So everyone has been talking about how they cant wait to get into their baggy jumpers come Winter and i for one, am one of those people. There;'s nothing better  than snuggling up in a warm jumper in front of the fire ( if you have a fire) and TV on a cold winter's evening. I particularly like to wear long jumpers that i can wear with leggings and dare i say it, my leg warmers. Yes i have had an obsession with leg warmers since i moved to London 3 years ago. They make me who i am and i love that bit of quirkiness they give me. 
So anyway, today as i was wondering through Westfield on my way to buy some food shopping, i couldn't resist stopping off in H&M and finding some winter bits and pieces. I stumbled across this cream chunky knit cardy and i had to have it. I don't own anything like this, so i thought it would be nice to add it to my wardrobe. I love how thick it is and how i can wrap it round me. It's still warm enough to wear it with a vest top underneath which gives it that nice casual look. I also picked up some pink jeans which i have wanted to get since the Summer but couldn't find any and even though they're probably more a summery colour, i don't care coz i love them :) I think they will look so nice with my grey Ugg boots, once i get them that is! These jeans believe it or not are a size 16. Their jean sizes are reallly odd as I'm actually a 12-14 below. Do any of you find their sizings a bit strange or is it just me with a weird body shape? Haha! I also bought a lovely black tunic as well for work which i will do a separate post on, as that's more of an office outfit but i'm really pleased with it and can't wait to wear it next week with my leggings and black ankle boots!

Oh and also please ignore the dodgy hair extensions in the left photo, they look crap, i hadn't put them all in at this point. Bit of a school girl error but never mind eh!

Right, i'm off to make Thai Green curry for din dins.. maybe i'll share the recipe soon!

H&M Chunky Knit Cream Cardy - £19.99
H&M Baby Pink Skinny Jeans - £14.99
H&M Pink & White Vest Top ( last season) £4.99

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New Hop on the Block - Welcome to the Lazy Sunday Pyjama Hops!

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Good Afternoon Bloggettes ( yes it's my new word .. don't ask!)

You may or may not have noticed on Twitter that i am starting a brand new Blog Hop starting this Sunday for Lifestyle Bloggers or for bloggers who post lifestyle content and need some blog lovin' in their lives!

I got the idea when i was chatting to others on the #lbloggers chat last Sunday and it was all agreed that Lifestyle Blogs don't get as much limelight as perhaps the Beauty and Fashion Blog Posts do. Having migrated from a purely Beauty Blog, to Life and Beauty, i felt it would be great to give the LBloggers a bit of a promo amongst the blogosphere.

I have no idea if this blog hop will be successful, but i kinda thought it was worth a shot and something to get my pearly whites stuck into. I am little scared that i'll wake up Sunday and something technical has gone horribly wrong with the linky widget. I hope it all works ok eeek!

Anyways, stay posted guys, i have created a page tab above which will direct you to all the hops. I really hope this is something i can do every week, so it's just a question of getting it out there and recognised!

Wish me luck!!! :)

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Want Long and Strong Nails? Folic Acid Works for Me!

Boots Folic Acid RRP £4.49 for 180 tablets

Evening Blogettes!

I know what you are all thinking and no i'm not preggers. Well not yet anyway :) I have been taking the above product Folic Acid since August, every day without fail, just to get my body in tip top condition for when  it finally does happen.

However, something amazing happened, something that has never ever happened to me before. My nails started to grow and suddenly they were so strong. I mean they're not even flaking. I couldn't quite believe it. I have always used hand cream and have tried so many on the market, but none really ever worked. I then invested in the Lush Lemony Flutter and have been using this everyday on my nails for the last 4/5 months, so naturally i just assumed it was this making my nails so strong. But it was really since i started taking the Folic Acid that i noticed the difference in the strength of my nails.

My bare naked nails with no polish or product on them

It has been reported that Folic Acid is good for nail growth however no studies have ever confirmed this to be true. I can only speak from experience. I bought the Folic Acid for pre-pregnancy and have ended up with nails i have never had before. Yes i think the Lemony Flutter Butter from Lush probably does help as it moisturises my cuticles and also the fact i now drink over 2 litres of water a day, but i also believe the supplements have played a huge part in my new talons :)

I actually can't wait to paint my nails now, whereas before it was a chore and i was always too busy trying to get them to a length that looked good with polish on.

I would be interested to know if any of you lovely ladies have ever taken Folic Acid and noticed an improvement in your nails?

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iheart Instagram!! #1


Hey Peeps!

Lately i've been lovin Instagram. Who doesn't!? I don't own an Iphone but i do have an Ipod Touch which means i always have to take the photos on my Blackberry and then send them to my Ipod Touch so i can have a play  around with them on Picfx. I really wish i could just whip out my phone and take a photo and then instantly post to Instagram but sadly that's not to be, well not until i can upgrade my phone anyway :)

So, because i'm loving this little app so much, i have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start doing Instagram Diaries. I know everyone is doing them but i think it's a great idea and i love reading other people's picture posts, but only coz i'm so nosy, i like to see what other people have been up to. It's also nice to document your life here and there sometimes so it's as much a personal thing to me as it is a post to share with all you lovely ladies and fellas if any fellas read my blog that is!

So here we are my first little instagram diary post ever :) xxx

1. I love Pret A Manger, it's my new obsession, especially their bakewell tarts, can't get enough of 'em
2. Myself and a friend popped to our local gym round the corner from the office. They are currently doing a deal, £10.99 a month, all inclusive. Not bad for somebody limited with their pennies eh!
3. I was bored and waiting for my tube after finishin work. This is my journey back home in Stratford every day .. yawn!
4. It's now too chilly for flats but not cold enough for Uggs just yet, so i have dug out my little brown boots from their dusty home on the shoe rack :)
5. Yes, it's the return of the Red Duffle Coat. Again this is my Autumn coat. I love it, even if i do get called Little Red Riding Hood by random strangers on the tube!
6. Candles!!! I love candles,especially Yankee Candles. I shall be doing a post of them soon. Here i have a Bomb Cosmetics candle, a Yankee candle and a Glad candle...mmmmm!
7. My latest perfume acquisition - Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose. It's extremely sweet, it smells of a bowl of sweet berries and currants. I like :)
8. Myself and my bestie Sarah went shopping in Westfield Stratford this weekend. Whilst she toddled off to get us some tea and cake, i sneakily took this hehe! Lovely shop, i have never been in here, but they have some gorgeous underwear and the customer service was very good too! Sarah if u are reading this which u probably are, i would like a comment ;D
9. Myself and my partner Mark, went out last night for a  meal at The Mint Leaf in Picadilly Circus. It was such a lovely evening, i feel very lucky to have somebody like him in my life!

Luv Holly xxx
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My October Wish List


Hey !

It's a Saturday night and i'm in for the whole weekend with a lovely cold! Fabulous. Trust me to get it over the weekend. But i guess it's better than having it in the week and then feeling a little bad for having to call in sick. Not that i should feel bad, but a little part of me always does even though i work in Human Resources. Never mind eh!

So today's post is the first of my monthly wishlists! I will never be able to afford everything in the list in one whole month, but it's still nice to look over this post every now and then and dream ................

Ooops, off i go again! Better get on with the post then ..! :)

Grey Ugg Boots -  Ahhh boy, do i want these boots! I already own my black cardy boots which have been my trusty sidekick over the past year but i really want to get the original boots with the sheepskin lining, in grey. I definitely have to get these without fail before December!

Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter in Coco Beach - I have never owned any cosmetics from this company before except a lovely candle in a tin my bestie bought me last Christmas. I'm a massive fan of Lush and i heard this company is very similar. So i think i may pop online tommorow and do some Bomb shopping!

Icing Gun from Next - I instantly fell in love with this little icing gun set from Next. From time to time i like to spend my evenings baking cupcakes and haven't yet mastered the whole 'buttercream in a big swirl effect'. I think this gun would solve all my buttercream issues hehe!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara - I used to work for Lancome and this mascara was the number 1 selling product. I am doing a friend's bridal makeup in 2 weeks and this is on my list. It will be in Waterproof of course :) 

Yankee Candle in Spiced Orange - Ahhhh how i love love love the Yankee Candle! I had a set of two last Christmas in the large jars and they lasted about 3 months. My home was scented beautifully! I came across this one on their site - Spiced Orange. I think this would be the perfect scent for Autumn :)

Lantern Novelty String Lights - I'm a big sucker for novelty lights. I love how they create different lighting effects. The company that makes these lights is called Blaze On and i stumbled across them one day when wandering through Camden Market. I then discovered they were online and the rest is history. They do so many different types of lighting as well as homemade candles and other lovely homemade things. The best thing as well, is all the products are ethical. See Blaze-On.Com for more info!

That's about it for October. I know i will definately buy the Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter and myself and Mark will buy the lights for our little home to make it even more cosy during the dark evenings. Oh and the mascara, or i will have to deal with a very unhappy Bride, and i definitely don't want that! hehe!

What's on your wish list for this coming month?


* Images from Google Images

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Cupcakes for brekky? Er, yes please!

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Hola Peeps!

So did you guys know that today was The World's Biggest Coffee Morning! Yep, it certainly was. It was in aid of  Macmillan Cancer Support and every year they hold a coffee morning to raise money to help change the lives of people affected by Cancer. In 2011 they raised a record £10 Million!

Basically people all around the UK hold a coffee morning and instead of paying for a coffee, you make a donation instead. A few of the girls in the office decided to hold a coffee morning this year and i must say it went down a treat with everyone! Some of our aspiring bakers popped on their baking hats and oven gloves and got baking some delicious treats for us office workers today, to go along with our morning coffee and teas. Every single cake there was homemade! It was hard to know which cakes to start with, so in the end i opted for a Red Velvet and a Chocolate and Banana. Delicious!

Needless to say i had no lunch today .. oops! And now i'm about to have an Indian Takeaway ... oh well haha! It is Friday! ;)

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Blog Makeover! Welcome to My Pink Pyjamas



So you may or may not have noticed that i have been off line for a few days! And now you can see why, because for a while now i have been thinking about changing the look of my blog and re-naming it.

I decided to re-brand my blog  (formerly Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie) on its 6 month anniversary, as i felt the direction of the content was changing. Instead of it just being a beauty blog,  I wanted to create something  that was also personal to me so i could document all the little snippets of my life here and there and i wanted something that could grow with me rather than me outgrow it. As i approach my 30's, i have so many things to look forward to such as re-marrying and starting a little family of my own and so re-branding means i can include all of these lovely things into my blog and also means i will never run out of things to write about!

The idea behind the name Pink Pyjamas was actually an idea of my partner's. He suddenly came out with it one rainy Sunday while we were watching a double of Come Dine With Me and i was, of course in my pink Pjs like i usually am most nights and most lazy Sundays :) I looked at him strangely and said the words to myself. I like it i thought! It suits me down to a T! And so the name My Pink Pyjamas was born! I have turned my blog into a sort of Pyjama Party/Sleepover and it's an open invite, so please come on in and join  the fun! :)

Note: The new URL www.mypinkpyjamas.com is currently being re-directed to www.blogofacosmeticsjunkie.com so both links can currently be used. I will remove the old URL on 1st November 2012. 

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Girl Crush: Michelle Keegan


Just how gorgeous is Michelle Keegan? I love her, i think she is one stunning lady :) I didn't really know much about her until i started watching Corrie a bit more ( my boyfriend watches it all the time so i had no choice haha) and i remember thinking that out of the whole cast, she stuck out the most. She has a natural sultry/exotic look about her which is just lovely, it's no wonder the quarter Spanish beauty has been voted sexiest woman at the British Soap Awards 3 times! My goal is to try and grow my hair long like hers but i'm not sure i will achieve that given i have no patience and i get bored so quick haha! Perhaps i need to stick a picture of Michelle Keegan on my fridge for motivation? What do you think? haha!

Who are your girl crushes?

Luv Holly xxx

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How to: Roasted Tyme and Paprika Potatoes

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Evening Ladies

So the day before yesterday was a Sunday and we all know that Sunday wouldn't be a Sunday without some kind of a roast dinner! It was my turn to cook and to be honest while i wasn't really in the mood, i ended up concocting some rather tasty tatties to go with our roast chicken! I love my roast potatoes like the rest of them but i felt like doing something a little different. Now i'm no Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver but i know what tastes good and so whilst i was placing the peeled potatoes into the roaster with drizzles of sunflower oil to make them all crispy, i decided to sprinkle some paprika on and add some fresh tyme and onion. Pretty simple and the potatoes turned out lovely. My other half enjoyed them too. 

So here is a step by step guide on roast tatties for those of you who are still inclined to go out and buy Aunt Bessies hehe!

1. Peel 2 large potatoes
2. Cut into quarters and cut the quarters again if you like your potatoes a little smaller
3. Bring a pan of lightly salted water to the boil and par boil the potatoes for 15-20 mins.
4. Pre Heat the oven to Gas Mark 5/6
5. Line a baking tin with some foil, shiny side up and wait for the potatoes to boil
6.Now place the potatoes evenly on the foil and  sprinkle with ground black peppercorns mixed with a little salt and  drizzle with sunflower oil. This will help to crisp the potatoes up and make them nice and brown.
7. Place in the oven for 30 mins
8. After 30 mins take out and turn the potatoes over. Sprinkle some paprika over them and add some sprigs of fresh tyme underneath making sure they are coated in the sunflower oil or they will burn.
9. Optional - chop some onion and place amongst the potatoes
10. Roast for a further 15 mins or until the potatoes have gone a lovely golden colour and then remove from the over to cool down, ready for serving!

Voila! Very simple! The secret is in the timing. Always allow at least 30 - 45mins roasting time after par boiling the potatoes.

What tips and tricks do you have for roast tatties?

Luv Holly xx

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Introducing Danni from Mac

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Hey ladies

Yes, it's Monday again boo! But it's over and done with now thankfully and now i am home and snuggled up on my sofa, i can get on with some more blogging! Always a good thing i thinks and the thing i look forward to the most on a dreary Monday :)

So today i wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the blogosphere. She is quite new to the whole blogging thing and doesn't yet have a blog page set up but she does however have a fabulouso facebook page set up and was launched just today.

Her name is Danni and she is a super talented Mac makeup artist. She has worked for Mac for over 5 years and works as a freelance artist in her spare time. Her page has been set up to show you ladies all the tips and tricks of the Mac trade and she is available to answer any of your questions. 

 She has some amazing photos on there ranging from wedding/neutral looks to dramatic so please do check out her page and ask her what her fave makeup tips are and stay tuned for her blog which hopefully will be launching in the near future :) 

Click here for Danni's Facebook Page -

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Gradient Gold Glitter Nails


Hi Ladies

So i'm back with another nail post wahey! My nails are still staying strong and as you know, i am making the most of them until they go back to their old flaky selves boohoo! I'm not sure if it's the Lush Lemony Flutter or the fact i'm taking folic acid vitamins every day but seems to be working for me!

Anyhoo, i've always been really into Glitter Gradient nails and i saw a post on Sprinkle of Glitter's blog which is one of my favourite all rounder blogs, and she had done a post on there about gradient glitter nails so i decided to give it a go myself. I have to say the photos don't do them a lot of justice, the gold is a LOT more sparkly in person :) I decided to go for Gold as i have been wearing a lot of vibrant  colours lately and wanted something a little more toned down this time. 

For this look i used my trusty LA Color polishes coupled with an OPI Gold glitter polish i had from an older collection. First i applied the LA Colors polish in Goddess which is a very sheer gold sparkle polish with a tiny round foil like circles which reflect the light. Next i dip my brush into the OPI polish in Bring the Bling and coated the nail tip and then brought it down to the second third of my nail. Be very sparing with the glitter as you bring it down the nail. Next i put another coat of Goddess and finally for the top coat i used my favourite LA Colors polish in Sassy Sparkle :)

The last post i showed you my Fizzy Lime Nails, all LA Colors and i'm excited to say that the nails lasted a whole week! That's how impressed i am with this brand, and at only 99p per bottle, you can't complain!

What do you think?

Luv Holly xxx

La Colors & OPI left to right - Goddess, Bring the Bling and Sassy Sparkle
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Fizzy Lime Nails by La Colors Nail Polish

Hi Guys

Lately  i've really been getting back into wearing my nail polishes. I go through phases where i won't wear nail polish for ages and then suddenly i'll have an urge to wear all sorts of colours under the sun :) Since i have been using my Lush Lemony Flutter, my nails have gotten really strong and i have been able to grow them longer than normal which is great! It's taken a few months but now i'm finally there i think whoo hoo!

So, anyway as i was in Westfield Shopping Centre last week, i popped into a shop called Beauty Base and in there they sell all the LA Colors Nail Polish range. Now i love this brand, all their polishes are 99p each! You would think that for such a low price, that the polish would be really bad quality but to be honest this brand challenges some of the luxury brands i used to wear and i love how big the bottles are, they are very similar to the OPI bottles. The amount of colours they do is just crazy, i mean every colour under the sun is there. The good thing is you can be really experimental with the colours as they are so affordable and because of this i decided on buying this lime green colour which i thought was a little different!

Now with this colour i did have to use three coats to get the vibrancy of the green to come out but not all the colours in their range need this many coats, some of the colours i have only need one coat. If you love your glitter polishes, this is by far my favourite brand. I get through a lot of glitter polish, i love it so i don't feel so guilty plying it on my nails as it's only 99p a bottle. I decided to apply some glitter over the lime green to give it that fizzy factor :)

What do you think? And have you ever tried LA Colors? 

Luv Holly xx

La Colors Color Craze Nail Polish 99p per bottle
Colours - Current and Sassy Sparkle

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The Sweet Candy Couture Collection - Collaboration with Prairie Charm Bracelets

Hey lovely ladies!

I wanted to tell you about something very exciting that i have been involved with over the last month or so! As a relatively new blogger i was thrilled to be asked to collaborate with a lovely company called Prairie Charms and design my very own charm bracelet set. Now i don't know about you, but i'm obsessed with charm bracelets and i already own a few Prairie bracelets before i embarked on this little project! What i love about the bracelets is they are all handmade by a lovely lady called Stephanie and part of the proceeds goes to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. You may remember also that i wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago on the bracelets that i purchased and a little review which you can read HERE. 

When i submitted my design to Stephanie i had a vision in mind and that vision was to create a set of bracelets that were ultra girly. I love my pink and anything that's cute, i'm a sucker for and i really wanted to reflect this in my design. I chose a heart, key and cat as my charms, the reasons being i adore cats and i love anything with a little kitty charm on and most of my cat lover friends do too. The key i chose because for me it represents a new chapter in my life and the key symbolises me opening a new door to my new chapter and the heart because it symbolises love and love has played a big part of my new chapter in life. So even though all the charms are cute and girly, they still hold a deeper meaning.

I'm so pleased with how the bracelets turned out! Its easy to imagine what you want something to look like but it's not until you see the product for real, that you can really see if your imagination has paid off or not! I think these little bracelets  will make great stocking fillers for Christmas especially for all those girly girls out there or those with young daughters and sisters!

The best news of all,  is that i get to offer all you lovely followers a massive 50% off the set or each bracelet individually. On the site the RRP is £5.00 per bracelet but with your discount that means you will only have to pay £2.50 per bracelet. Bargain huh! 

If you fancy purchasing one of the Sweet Candy Couture Bracelets then all you need to do is follow the link below the photo and when you checkout state which design you would like and how many and then enter the coupon code in. Easy peasy!

I really hope you like the designs as much as i do and please give me feedback if you do decide to go ahead and treat yourself to one of the bracelets. I'd absolutely love to see photos of you wearing it, that would really make my day!

Lots of Luv
Holly xxx

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Jamaica Flag Inspired Makeup Look


Hi ladies!

It's been a while since i did a makeup post so here i am with a .. makeup post! Sorry it's taken so long to get one up, i don't seem to be wearing so much of it these days! 

So the look below is one i created while i was away and it was inspired by the Jamaican Flag. I wore this look on JA Independence Day along with a bright yellow dress! I don't often get to wear super bright eye makeup so i really enjoyed wearing these colours. Yellows and greens work really well with green eyes or brown eyes. I have green eyes with  brown mixed in and this look really brought the green out in them :)

Hope you ladies like! :) 

Holly xxx

Products Used


Soap & Glory Concealer
Bobbi Brown Mositure Rich Foundation in 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Mac Blusher in Peach


NYX Eye Base
Mac Pigment in Golden Lemon
Sleek Divine Acid Palette - colours used were the neon green and black
Soap & Glory Kohl Pencil
Kiko Mascara


Mac Lippy in Creme Cup
Mac Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Fuji Pink
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OOTD & OOTN Jamaica

Hi everyone

Hope you are all ok. I'm glad it's Friday although i have been off work today ill with one of my migraines which is grim. So whilst i have been huddled up on the sofa i thought i should do a post once my head and eyes had almost gone back to normal haha! I don't often do outfit posts but i felt like doing a little collage of all the outfits i wore on holiday, day and night. All the outfits seen in the collage are all under £20.00 each (except the polkadot dress) and some of them are from last year. I am not one to spend a tonne of money on clothes, i like to buy cheap and then make the outfit look expensive by adding accessories. When i say cheap i mean under a tenner! The most expensive outfit on the collage was the polkadot dress from Jane Norman which i managed to pick up in the sale for £30.00 which i think was £50.00 originally :) It's amazing what you can pick up in places like Primark and H&M. One of my favourite budget shops is a shop called Magenta, i'm not sure how many there are in the UK but it's like one of those small shops where everything is under £10.00 and it's really good quality. Love it!

Oh and i thought i'd sneek the cheeky dolphin piccy in, i just love it and it makes me feel really happy when i see it. If you ever get a chance to swim with dolphins, you must! I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it, it was truly amazing :D xxx

Left to Right

Stripy maxi dress from Primark £7.00
Yellow Halterneck Triangle Bikini  fromVery.co.uk £16.00 Yellow Bandana £2.00
Stripy Boob Tube from H&M £3.99
Beige Shorts from Select £12.00
Blue and Red Playsuit from Primark £5.00
Aztec dress from H&M £7.99
Pink Bikini from La Senza (this is from an old collection)

Left to Right

Red dress from Magenta £7.00
Pink Dress from H&M for £6.99 and Gold Cinch Belt from Ebay for £2.00 
Yellow of the shoulder dress from Primark for (last years £5.00) Brown belt from Primark £3.00
Halterneck Dress from Magenta £10.00
Polkadot Strapless dress from Jane Norman's sale £20.00
Collared Playsuit from Primark for £10.00
Polkadot dress as shown in caption before

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Eylure 148 Naturalites Intense False Lashes Review


Hi Gals

So who doesn't love a bit of false lashes! I know i do, but only now i have got used to applying them. It took me a while to get the hang of it but now i have, i can pretty much buy any i like the look of. The secret is to trim them down to fit your natural eye shape. If you don't do this, you run the risk of the end of the strip jabbing you in the eye or hanging off your lid which ain't a good look :) The second most important tip is to invest in some really good lash glue. The glue that is provided with the lashes themselves, i don't find particularly very long lasting. I recommend DUO Glue which i usually buy from Mac. I love this glue, my lashes stay on all night, no matter how much i sweat from all the dancing and it dries clear so you can't see it once it has dried. It is on the pricy side but trust me it's so worth it and lasts forever! The great thing about most lashes is they can be reused. What i do is once i take them off i just soak them in a little eye makeup remover to get rid of any mascara and then gently peel away any visible dried glue. Place them back in the box and voila, all ready to go for your next night out!

So the lashes i am reviewing today are the Eylure Naturalites Intense ( 148) This was the first time i had used these particular lashes as i bought them to wear on holiday so i wasn't too sure how they would turn out but i was very pleased with them! As you can see from the photo above, the lashes fan out towards the corners rather than curl upwards. I didn't need to trim these down so they were good to go once i had applied my eye makeup on but I think for somebody with smaller shaped eyes, you may need to trim these down. I did find that because the lashes point downwards slightly that they did make my eyes appear narrower so i think these work better with a larger eye shape. Anyone wanting to make their eyes appear larger, go for the traditional shaped lashes that curl upwards. Overall, they were very comfortable to wear as are most of the Eylure lashes. They weren't too dramatic looking and lasted throughout 2 nights of wearing them!

Tips on how to apply

1. Apply eyemakeup first before applying lashes. You can always touch up afterwards
2. Remove the lashes carefully from the box using tweezers and slightly bend the lashes to make them more flexible.
3. Apply Duo adhesive glue along the strip. I always put it directly on the strip from the nozzle but you need to be steady handed so as not to squeeze out too much glue. You want a minimal amount or if you apply too much glue it will smear over your lid and ruin all that lovely eye makeup you spent ages perfecting :) Wait around 10 seconds or so to let the glue go slightly tacky.
4. Next i grab the lash with the tweezers by holding the actual lashes and then place the middle of the strip in the centre of my eye making sure that the ends of the strip are not digging into the corner of my eye. It is better for the end of the strip to sit at the end of the lid on the outer corner of the eye so it appears more natural. You can use eyeliner to fill in the corner and make the lash look as though it extends all the way to the corner of your inner eye. Pat the strip gently against the lashline of your lid using tweezers. If you need to adjust do it quickly before the glue starts to dry. I then hold the tweezers against the strip pushing gently to help secure it in place while the glue dries.
5. This is optional but you can use mascara for extra oomph and this will also help to bind you natural lashes together with the falsies, meaning extra security.
6. Wait for the lash glue to dry clear and touch up any eye makeup and lastly use some eyeliner and go over the strip and fill in the the corner where the falsh lashes stop. If you have false eyelashes with a clear strip, then you can get away with no eyeliner at all for an even more natural look!

It sounds complex and long winded but really it isn't, once you get the hang of it, it takes about 5 mins to do, even less if you are a pro. Practice really does make perfect!

So do you girls have any tips and tricks for false lashes and what are your favourite brands?

Holly xx
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Prairie Charm Bracelets & Project Blogger

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Hi Pretty Ladies!

I hope you are all good and enjoying the lovely sunny weekend we are having! Whoop!

So i have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but as i was away it had to sadly wait until i got back! Some of you may have already read some posts from other bloggers relating to Prairie Charms. Prairie Charms is run by a lovely lady called Stephanie and she makes charm bracelets, friendship wraps, necklaces and all sorts of other gorgeous accessories. What's more, she sends a portion of all  the proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital's Kiss it Better Campaign. 

Before i went on my travels, she contacted me to ask if i would like to be part of Project Blogger which is where you can purchase any of the bracelets for a 50% discount throughout July & August. A percentage of this is then passed to the GOSH Charity. In return, you write a review which then acts as an entry to their fabulous competition giveaway. The competition winners then have the opportunity to then design their very own beauty blogger bracelet set which goes live on their site and can be sold to your followers at a discounted price ! Like all their other bracelets, a portion of the profit will go GOSH. Alongside this, the winner will also have a chance to collaborate their blog with Prairie Charms and will be a prominent feature as one of their supporters which is great as it means gaining new followers. Oh and i nearly forgot to mention that you also win a unique 'one of a kind' semi precious gemstone bracelet too! How exciting is that! There is absolutely no obligation to write a review however, but i think with all these exciting opportunities as a possibility, it's definitely worth it!

This little venture is open to all bloggers throughout the rest of August so you still have 2 weeks to enter! 

Please visit Project Blogger for further information and how to get involved :)

To view the stunning accessories on offer, please visit www.prairiecharms.co.uk

Lots of luv
Holly xxx

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I'm back :)

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Hey ladies!

Just a quick message to say i'm back in Uk boo hoo :( hehe!) I will be blogging again from the weekend, i just need to get over this jet lag which is making me sooo tired! 

Love u all and thankyou for all the comments left while i have been away! xxx

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Away from the blogosphere for 2 weeks!


Hi lovelies

So i'm just writing to let you know this will be my last post for a while as i will be away for 2 weeks on hols! I will be taking tonnes of OOTN photos and makeup looks so i shall have loads to blog about when i come home which is great as the last few months, blogging posts have been on a back burner, especially product reviews and tutorials :)

So i hope you have a good two weeks and i shall speak to you all when i'm back!


Holly xxx

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Tutorial for Pink & Purple Ombre Nails


Hey lovely ladies!

It's a been quite a while since i wrote you guys a tutorial and i thought that since i was doing some nail art that i would take some photos to show you and give you a step by step on how i did it :) I've always wanted to try the Ombre/Gradient Nail Art look and as i purchased myself some makeup sponges from Primark especially i thought i should get to it and this is what i came up with. I tried a different combo of colours, none of which really worked until i used these colours below. The secret is to find two colours which contrast with each other and then a colour in between. Sounds obvious i know, but i was trying to do it with 2 pastel colours and i couldn't quite get the same effect! I also decided to use my fimo canes as well just for my big toes. I love Fimo, you can be so creative with it! I also used some pink gemstones for my fingernails too. 
I apologise as the pictures aren't great quality, i really need to get a proper camera haha! Anyway, onto the turorial .....

Step 1: Apply a base colour to your nails, preferably a light colour that will contrast nicely with the darker colour which you will use for the nail tips. Wait for it to dry

Step 2: Grab a makeup sponge that's porous, you need a sponge that's porous so you can create the sponge effect. I tore my sponges into quarters as the outside of the sponge was too smooth to create the effect i wanted. ( if you want to see the sponges i used, you can see them in the post below. They were 99p from Primark and came in heart shapes - cute!) Next pour a small amount of the polish onto some tissue and dip the corner of the sponge into the polish. Now dab the sponge onto the tip on the nails, and continue dabbing down to a about a third of the nail, making sure the majority of the polish is on the tip. You want to create a gradient look where the dark eventually fades out toward the bottom of the nail.

Step 3 - Apply a colour that's inbetween the contrasting colours and dab where the two colours meet. This will help all the colours to blend into each other. For this look i used a dark pink. 

Step 4 - This is optional but i'm a bit of a glitter freak so i applied a layer of glitter polish over the top and used this to set my gems and fimo clay stars/flowers. Lastly i applied a thick coat of clear polish over the top to seal everything in. Lastly clean up the edges with a cotton bud and varnish remover. Voila!

It really is that easy! I was quite pleased how it turned out considering i have never done this nail effect before. I'm looking forward to doing this again in more colours!

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for ombre nail effects and what colours do you find work well together?

Luv Holly xxx

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Bargain Buys Under £3.00 !

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Evening ladies!

Isn't this weather in the UK absolutely gorgeous! I am proper loving it hehe! After all the rain we have had, it's about time don't you think :)

So, last week i was in Primark, and as usual wasn't planning on buying anything, however that all changed when i came across these little bargain buys on the way to the till. I have actually been looking for a plastic see through cosmetics case to take on holiday and this looked so cute, i had to have it :) It wasn't until i got home, i realised there was actually a miniature version of the case inside, fab! This came in at £3.00 which is a great price i think! Also at the till point i picked up these heart shaped foundation sponges. I thought these were really cool and for £1.00 it wasn't going to break the bank. I actually bought these for nail art, as i don't use sponges to apply makeup. I am going to try and create an Ombre look on my toes so i will definitely be posting pics up for you to see if they turn out good :)

Lastly i picked up this body brush in Wilkinsons. I love Wilkos, there's so many cheap buys in there but of good quality. I love this little brush as it has the rubber nodules on for massage and i have been using this lately on my legs to try and reduce the dreaded celulite us women tend get as we get a little older! Not that we will ever be able to get rid of it completely but the brush certainly does help :) 

That's it for this post, short and sweet after the last post!

Hope you enjoy the sun and have a lovely evening/day :)

Luv Holly xx
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