Kiko Makeup!! Up n Coming New Brand!


Keep your eyes open for this new brand that's just come onto the scene in the UK. Originally founded in Italy, this brand is their version of Mac and extremely popular overseas. I was in the Kiko Store today and got talking to the consultant who was telling me that this brand is growing fast and they are gradually opening up more stores in the UK. The prices are a lot cheaper though than Mac and this is because as the products are being shipped from Italy, the shipping costs less and this is then passed onto the consumer. Mac is shipped from Canada, hence the high prices here compared to Canada where Mac is a lot cheaper.

Anyway, i hope you guys get to check out the website and their products. I have bought a fair few products from them again today and will be playing around with these and posting pictures!

Unfortunately this brand is unavailable as retail in USA at the moment and in the UK they have only opened up two stores, both in London, one in Westfield White City and the other in Westfield Stratford. They also retail in France, Germany, Spain and of course Italy. You can also purchase online.

I would love to know if any bloggers out there have used this Brand and what you think of it? I'd never seen or heard of it until now and i'm already addicted :)


Below Products and Prices:

Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow - £6.90
Soft Touch Blush - £7.50
Super Gloss - £4.90


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So i wanted to share this video with you guys that i did a few years ago when my YouTube was in full swing! It's a very dramatic/theatrical look using the Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette. At the time i was feeling a little low, so i thought it would be a good opportunity to use my mood to reflect in my creativity!

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This is my first ever haul video, i had a lot of fun doing this so stay posted for more haul videos in the future! Here i am talking about a new brand that i've come across called Kiko Makeup Milano which is an Italian brand very similar to Mac but without the high prices :) And i'm also talking about the Naked 2 palette and Soap & Glory Cosmetics.

You can view all pictures/swatches on my blog - Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie

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Kiko Makeup & Urban Decay haul/review/swatches

Hey lovelies!

So I've been going a bit crazy lately when it comes to purchasing makeup and wanted to show you some of the products I've recently purchased, which include Urban Decay's new palette Naked 2 and a new brand that I've come across called Kiko Cosmetics which is an Italian High End Makeup Brand but without the high end price tag! You can see all these products in my Haul Video on my You Tube Channel XxMakeupbyHollyx. Kiko Cosmetics is very similar to Mac Cosmetics in the packaging design and also the ethos of their company and what they are about. This is reflected in their products which if you ever go into a Kiko Store, you will see the wide range of colours they do and products. It really is like Mac, just a lot less expensive. They claim that their products are of high quality and are branded as professional so although these products are cheaper, they don't jeopardise on their quality, which is great news for us! 

You can buy Kiko online and anyone living in London, you can find their stand alone store in Westfield Stratford City :) - For my latest haul video and tutorials :)

Kiko Nail Laquer in 331 and 288
Kiko Nail Laquer in 331 (lilac) and 288 (baby pink)

Naked 2 Swatches

 Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara - this has a plastic comb and is designed to give you a buildable  coverage with length
Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss in 03 - beigy colour

Kiko Definition Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 3 - Bright Turquoise. This will only come off with an oily makeup remover, it is that waterproof!

Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil in 406 - bright purple!

Kiko swatches from top to bottom:
Glamorous Eye Pencil in 406
Pencil Lip Gloss in 03
Definition WP Eyeliner in 3

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Rusty Eyes Inspired Tutorial Using Coastal Scents Palette 78 Piece

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Hey everyone!

I thought I would dig out my Coastal Scents Palette from the cobwebs and do a look with it. I came up with a rusty kind of look, using peaches and orangy browns and blending together. I hope you guys enjoy it and comment and sub if you like me :)

Products Used:

Mac Paint in Bare Canvas
Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette
Soap & Glory Kohl Pencil in black
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Mac Zoom Lash 

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A Not So Quick Hello and Intro to Myself!

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So, this is my first post on my new blog. I've never written a blog before and thought it would be fun to start one up writing about my favourite things - beauty & cosmetics! I've always been passionate about cosmetics right from the time i rifled through my Mum's cosmetics bag at 6 years old and got a good telling off right up until the time I was offered a job working on a Beauty Counter in my local Department Store at 24. It was really from this day onwards that i really realised my passion and love for makeup and i began to start experimenting with makeup and colours. I had no idea about eyeshadows and blending and my makeup kit consisted of ten year old shadows and a few crusty lipsticks :) But as i watched the girls around me in the shop do makeovers on passers by, my confidence slowly grew and i began to break out of my shell. It was then that i began watching You Tube Video Tutorials religously every night, learning how to blend and what brushes i needed to use. I applied these techniques on customers in the shop and slowly bit by bit, began to take more and more bookings to do makeovers. I later moved over to work for Lancome, enrolled on a Beautytherapy Course and had more formal training and decided i was now confident enough to create my own You Tube Channel doing my own tutorials. This was in 2009. I ran the channel for 6 months before getting my big break to become a Makeup Expert for Lancome in a department store in Oxford Street. I moved to London and later got a job in the Beauty Hall in Harrods. Due to the big move to the city, i sadly stopped the tutorials due to time and the hours of my job which is why you will see a big gap between my last video in 2009 and now. I left retail last year and now just do makeup for fun, however i do a little freelancing as well and have a wedding coming up at which i'm very excited for :) I now work in an office and believe you me, i'm really starting to experience withdrawal symptoms .. hence the name cosmetics junkie! I need to talk about my passion of beauty and share it with you and this is why i have decided to start a blog!

Anyways, on my new blog i will mostly be posting tutorials, chatting about new products and reviewing as well as posting photos and I can't wait to get started, so please bear with me while i get my page up and running!

Love Holly xxx
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