Kiko Makeup!! Up n Coming New Brand!


Keep your eyes open for this new brand that's just come onto the scene in the UK. Originally founded in Italy, this brand is their version of Mac and extremely popular overseas. I was in the Kiko Store today and got talking to the consultant who was telling me that this brand is growing fast and they are gradually opening up more stores in the UK. The prices are a lot cheaper though than Mac and this is because as the products are being shipped from Italy, the shipping costs less and this is then passed onto the consumer. Mac is shipped from Canada, hence the high prices here compared to Canada where Mac is a lot cheaper.

Anyway, i hope you guys get to check out the website and their products. I have bought a fair few products from them again today and will be playing around with these and posting pictures!

Unfortunately this brand is unavailable as retail in USA at the moment and in the UK they have only opened up two stores, both in London, one in Westfield White City and the other in Westfield Stratford. They also retail in France, Germany, Spain and of course Italy. You can also purchase online.

I would love to know if any bloggers out there have used this Brand and what you think of it? I'd never seen or heard of it until now and i'm already addicted :)


Below Products and Prices:

Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow - £6.90
Soft Touch Blush - £7.50
Super Gloss - £4.90


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