A Not So Quick Hello and Intro to Myself!

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So, this is my first post on my new blog. I've never written a blog before and thought it would be fun to start one up writing about my favourite things - beauty & cosmetics! I've always been passionate about cosmetics right from the time i rifled through my Mum's cosmetics bag at 6 years old and got a good telling off right up until the time I was offered a job working on a Beauty Counter in my local Department Store at 24. It was really from this day onwards that i really realised my passion and love for makeup and i began to start experimenting with makeup and colours. I had no idea about eyeshadows and blending and my makeup kit consisted of ten year old shadows and a few crusty lipsticks :) But as i watched the girls around me in the shop do makeovers on passers by, my confidence slowly grew and i began to break out of my shell. It was then that i began watching You Tube Video Tutorials religously every night, learning how to blend and what brushes i needed to use. I applied these techniques on customers in the shop and slowly bit by bit, began to take more and more bookings to do makeovers. I later moved over to work for Lancome, enrolled on a Beautytherapy Course and had more formal training and decided i was now confident enough to create my own You Tube Channel doing my own tutorials. This was in 2009. I ran the channel for 6 months before getting my big break to become a Makeup Expert for Lancome in a department store in Oxford Street. I moved to London and later got a job in the Beauty Hall in Harrods. Due to the big move to the city, i sadly stopped the tutorials due to time and the hours of my job which is why you will see a big gap between my last video in 2009 and now. I left retail last year and now just do makeup for fun, however i do a little freelancing as well and have a wedding coming up at which i'm very excited for :) I now work in an office and believe you me, i'm really starting to experience withdrawal symptoms .. hence the name cosmetics junkie! I need to talk about my passion of beauty and share it with you and this is why i have decided to start a blog!

Anyways, on my new blog i will mostly be posting tutorials, chatting about new products and reviewing as well as posting photos and I can't wait to get started, so please bear with me while i get my page up and running!

Love Holly xxx
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