MAC - Crushed Metallic Pigment in Aloha

Evening everyone! Firstly some of my regular readers will notice that I've given my page a bit of a makeover. Reason being is i felt it looked a little cluttered and too 'busy' and over the past few weeks I've learnt that a good blog needs to be readable to everyone and to the point, so let me know what you think as critique is always great!

Now onto more important matters such as my new post, yay! Yesterday i received in the post a parcel from a friend of mine who works for MAC ( i know lucky her right!) She is such a darling, basically i did her a favour of being her makeup model for some photography and it all went a bit pear shaped. Unfortunately we had landed ourselves with a bit of a dodgy photographer who spent most of the time on Photoshop editing rather than taking photos which is what my friend had paid him to do. And then we later found out that he refused to send any of the originals and just one shot of me.... after all the hard work my friend had spent on my face too. She is such a talented artist, i felt so bad :( Anyways, as a thankyou she sent me the below products from Mac's new crushed metallics pigment collection and a limited edition Sheen Supreme Lip Glass in Fuji Pink (sadly this gloss is no longer on the site, so haven't posted any pictures) As you can imagine i was thrilled and straight away went to have a play!

Most of you will know that Mac Pigments are multi use, you can use them on the face, body and eyes depending on the pigment. What i love about pigments is they can be as natural as you want or really bold. My favourite thing is to mix the pigment with a little toner and make it into a paint. This is called 'foiling', which means exactly that. By foiling you get that metallic look and the pigment is sooo vibrant, i just love it! Great for clubbing because it makes your eyes stand out from all the rest! With these particular pigments that i received, they are already metallic based so i've yet to see how they come out when used wet! 

What is a little different about these is the way they are packaged. Usually you would just receive one pot full of pigment but with this little collection, you get 4 colours contained in a stackable tower, meaning you can screw the pots ontop of each other.

There are 2 other colour collections, one is called Butterfly Party which contains a combination of cool colours such as blue and green and the other is called Strawberry Patch which is a combination of pinks and reds!

They are priced at £25.50 each (12 grams) which I think for 4 pigments , is pretty good and currently available from the Mac Website under the 'multi-use' section and also in stores. You can visit Mac by clicking on the Mac link at the top of my page.

Here is a bit of blurb from their website:

'Textile designer Vera Neumann's brilliant colour palette is translated into a limited edition set of four 

stackable jars of Crushed Metallic Pigment. Highlights eyes or skin with a striking colour wave of gold 

reflective metallic sparkle'

I took some pictures below of swatches and also of what it looks like on my eyes. I used the pigments dry so they come across as very natural looking. I think these colours would stand out well on a fairer skin, but by wetting the pigment will come across as more vibrant. I am wearing the collection in my introduction video as well which you can visit by going to:

Hope this review was helpful and please let me know if you have any questions!

PS: I will be announcing my mini 50 follower giveaway next week, so stay tuned!

Luv Holly xxx

Sifting Sands & Lantern Light
How it is packaged in the box
Swatches with corresponding pigment to the side
Without Flash
With flash
All 4 pigments are used here
All 4 pigments are used here
With eyeliner added

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