My new Vlog channel & a thankyou to my followers :)


Hi my lovelies! For a while now i've been thinking of launching a new youtube channel as a partner to my blog. I wasnt 100% sure whether to do it or not as it does take a lot of time and commitment but i thought why the hell not! My other channel has kinda fallen by the wayside and to be honest i don't want a channel anymore where all i do is just purely makeup tutorials, i want a channel that's personal to me and a place where i can chat to you all about this and that! So this channel will basically be for you my followers, where i will be doing reviews on products, hauls and little life updates :)

So the below really is just a lil intro to me and also a thankyou to all of you who have taken time to read my posts and follow me, it means so much :)

Love Holly xxxx

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