Soap and Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen Review

Evening again hehe! So how is everyone enjoying this lovely wet rainy disgusting weather we are having in the UK. Definitely not me, that's for sure! I so wish i could get out there and enjoy the sun which we should be having seeing as it's nearly May, but it's not to be :(

So what better way to distract myself from the grey outside than by giving into my temptations and buying more, yes more makeup. This particular product i have had my eye on for a while and it's the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen. If you are anything like me, trying to perfect your eyeliner and creating those feline eyes, this may be the product for you. When i worked on the beauty counters as a Makeup Expert, i used to dread when a customer would ask me to apply liquid eyeliner esp when they wanted the flicks. My heart would start pounding and then my hands would shake....not a good thing when you need your hand to be completely still!! Unfortunately my employers didn't give us much training in the art of liquid eyeliner so the only way was to practice and practice! 

Now, the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner is great for those who are starting out with eyeliner as it's just like using a feltip pen. You don't need to worry about getting too much product on a brush and then overloading your eyelids with black paint. This lovely little pen gives so much control which means you can create as thin a line as you like or as thick! The colour is a true black as well which means you get a nice bold line and this is all because of their unique INKJET colour release and Gloss-Fix finish. 

What i did find when i first tried it out was it didnt go on a smooth as i was expecting and i had to give it a few goes before i was happy with it. I used it again today and straight away i got the colour and finish i was looking for, so i think it's just a case of letting the ink run into the nib first before using it properley.

The pen is RRP £6.00 and can be bought in Boots or online at

I have posted some photos below for you to see. The eyeshadows are by MAC and i also used another Soap and Glory product, their Smolder Kohl Eyeliner Pencil which i absolutely adore and can't live without, along with their Kick Ass concealer!

So, what do you guys like to use for your eyeliner and what tips and tricks do you recommend? :)

Luv Holly xx

Soap & Glory Packaging and another Revlon Lip Butter that i bought with it - this one i am wearing in the photo, it's Strawberry Shortcake

Close up of the eyeliner. Eyeshadows are Mac in Carbon and White Frost and for waterline i used Soap & Glory Smolder Kohl :)
The completed look!

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