Sugarpill Burning Heart Tutorial

Hey all you pretty ladies! I finally got to have a go with my new Sugarpill Eyeshadows over the Easter Weekend which i was super excited to receive in the post last week! These eyeshadows are tricky to buy here in the UK and so far i've only managed to find them online which can be a bit annoying as sometimes you want to see the colours and swatch them before buying but hey ho, i kinda knew what these would come out like from all the You Tube Tutorials that i watched! 

So in a nutshell, these shadows are extremely pigmented and all matt colours with the purple being slightly shimmery but still overly matt. I found it best to apply these in natural light as then you can get more of an idea as to the pay off you will get. I have to admit though, i'm not a huge fan of matt eye shadows as my skin is so dry and i always have trouble blending but these colours did blend really well. I also found that toward the end of the day my eyes looked more orange then anything and this was probably because i overcompensated on the orange shadow! I guess with these colours i do need a little practice! And less is definitely more esp with the red and orange shadows! I'm looking forward to using  the purple more as it's so vibrant and i absolutely love purple eyeshadows, they make my green eyes really pop !

Anyway, i posted some pictures for you all below.. let me know what you think, i don't have a great camera and had to use my phone, so getting just a single eye shot was near enough impossible. I would love to know what cameras you guys all use to get those amazing single eye shots!


I started off by priming my eyes with my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. This is a great base to help keep eyeshadows in place and also make colours really pop. I then took my Mac 239 brush and packed on the yellow (Buttercup) into the inner corners of my eyes and the first third. Next i used the same brush and packed on the orange (Flamepoint) onto the 2nd third of my eye and gently blended the two colours together so the colours flowed into one another. Then i applied the red (Love +)  into the last third and blended the orange and red together. I next took a clean tapered blending brush and using a windscreen wiper motion, blended the harsh lines out in the crease area.

I then took a highlight colour and used my Mac 227 brush to highlight under my brows and blend into the lid colours. I used a Kiko Eyeshadow in a matt white colour for this.

Lastly, i lined just under my waterline with the purple ( Poison Plum) and used my Soap & Glory Smolder Kohl for my waterline and upper lash line. I finished off with some mascara and Ramblas Red Lipstick by Mac which is a matt red :) Look complete!

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette

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