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Hey everyone!!  How are you all enjoying the weekend so far?

So a few days ago i got tagged on a 'get to know me' post by my fabulous blogging friend  Amanda at Geekyfashionista. If you love your fashion then you need to check out her blog, there's some great fashion tips/posts that she is dying to share with you all :)

I promised i would participate in the tag, just needed to find some time and since my better half has deserted me for a stag weekend in Marbella, what better time to write my tag post :) I have the place to myself with no interruptions whatsoever and MTV for company ... bliss!!!

K so the rules go like this:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you as well as answering the 11 questions you have set for the people you will tag to answer
3. Choose 11 people and link back to the tag
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. There can be no tag backs and all tags have to be legitimate.

11 Facts About Me

1. My star sign is Sagittarius
2. I've lived in London 2.5 years and have moved flat a total of 5 times. 
3. I hold an NVQ 2  in Beautytherapy which i did when i was 26. You're never to0 old to learn! ;)
4. I love musical theatre and used to do amateur dramatics
5. I'm mixed race - Gambian, German and English
6. My favourite soap is Eastenders
7. I'm terrible at sticking to one thing, i get bored very quickly. 
8. I'm not massively into fashion, i'm happy in my leggins and Uggs and long vest top, just as long as my makeup n hair looks good ;)
9. My favourite cocktail is a Caipirinha
10. I'm crap at maths, and had to re-take it when i did my GCSEs
11. I suffer with really bad migraines and have done since i was 14, so that's 15 years of them. Be great to meet other sufferers on here, you are not alone xxxxx

My Answer's to Amanda's questions

1.Do you have a nickname? Well my friends have always called me Hols or Hol. I have a few other random nicknames but they're between me and my besties ;) 

2.Have you ever subscribed to a beauty box? If so, which one? Yes, i just subbed to GlossyBox, waiting for my first box to arrive, tres exciting!

3. Favourite YouTuber? XSparkage, i first found her 4 yrs ago when i started experimenting with makeup, she really inspired me to get to where i am today.

4. Which song is currently stuck in your head? En Vogue, My Lovin' - Pretty old skool but then i am a 90's girl afterall!

5. Morning or night person? Definitely night without a doubt! I write all my blogs at night :)

6. Celebrity crush? I like a bit of Johnny Depp, always have, prob always will. I have a thing for dark eyes on a guy

7. If you could visit any country, where would you go? Ooooh, well i'm off to Jamaica in August, so i guess anywhere else in the Caribbean, maybe St Lucia

8.What was your first job? I worked on the streets giving out flyers for a record shop called 'Criminal Records', I had to wear a sexy sandwich board and stand in the freezing cold haha!

9. Favourite childhood show? Ahh... Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds! I can still sing the theme tune!

10. What food could you eat everyday and not grow tired of? Prob Chinese, i love it!

11. Last movie you saw? Cant remember when i last went to the cinema, i think it was to see Inbetweeners? lol...i know ageees ago! I tend to rent DVDs out these days

My questions to you!

1. What inspired you to start writing a blog? I used to do youtube tutorials but i found i didn't get much interaction with other viewers. I feel more comfortable writing then being in front of the video cam so writing a beauty blog seemed like the next step!

2.If you could work in cosmetics, which counter would you work on and why? Well i already worked on Aveda and Lancome when i was younger. I will probably return to cosmetics retail  part-time when i start a family, so my goal is to work either on the Mac counter or Bobbi Brown counter. Or Origins as i love their products soo much!

3. What was your fave band as a 13 year old? Boyzone . ..cringeville!!

4. Rihanna or Beyonce ( or neither)? Beyonce

5. What do you like to do on a pyjama day? Eat junk, watch crap tv and snuggle up on the sofa with my boyfriend :)))))

6. What is your favourite high street shop for fashion? Jane Norman altho i have trouble getting into their tiny sizes now :( I love H&aM as well

7. What car do you drive? I did have a Ford KA in black but since being in London, i don't need a car, so sold it

8. Where were you born? In a village called Pembury in Tunbridge Wells, Kent which is where i'm originally from

9. What beauty item can you not live without? My trusty bio oil and Carmex! I have such dry thirsty skin, i go mad if i can't moisturise!

10. Iphone, Blackberry or Android? I've had all three, they all have their good and bad points. At the moment i would have to say it's the BB for me :)

11. Do you have a Youtube channel and if not, would you create one? I do, it's called XxMakeupbyHollyxX but i am going to launch another channel which will be an extension of my blog and might put my other channel to rest zzzzzz!


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