The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hi my lovely ladies ( and fellas of course!)

My oh my, it's been a busy week what with Easter break and keeping up with my new blog.. phew! But i've enjoyed every minute of it and seem to have created an addiction to blogging as well as my addiction for makeup/cosmetics/lotions n potions...And my purse has been hit rather badly since i've been reading all your wonderful reviews... everyone is so passionate about their beauty products, it makes me want to buy all of them haha! Anyway, i'm digressing here.. what i wanted to tell you all was that yesterday i was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely empirestatebeautyqueen! She has a great blog and i always enjoy reading her posts so i was really happy when i got the award! It really is the small things in life that count and for me this is one of them! I never believed that simply writing about my fave products and showing off a few makeup pics would generate so many lovely positive comments and followers. I really struggled with my YouTube channel to get subscribers so i just thought it would be the same with blogging but it's completely the opposite! 

Anyways, thankyou to Empirestatebeautyqueen and everyone don't forget to follow her if you like what you see! And now lets crack on with the post .... 

So the rules are.....

1. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are new to blogging
2. Let them know you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself 
4. Thank the bloggers who have nominated you in your post
5. Add the versatile blogger picture to your post!

Right, now for the 7 random facts about meeee !

1. I used to work in the Beauty Hall in Harrods and once bumped into Simon Cowell (literally!)
2.  I'm of mixed race origin - 1/4 Gambian (West Africa) 1/4 German and the rest is English and Irish
3. I will be 30 in 8 months and still not sure h0w to celebrate!
4. I love to cook and my best dish is Thai Green Curry from scratch!
5. I have 2 younger brothers and one step brother and one step sister, also younger
6.  I'm a country bumpkin at heart, having moved from Kent/Sussex to London 3 yrs ago!
7. I met the love of my life and future husband on Match.Com. Ignore all the synics, it does work! 

And last but not least, i nominate these pretty ladies...

Well done ladies! Don't forget to join the blog hop at BlogLoveTherapy! This is a great way of getting to know other bloggers and gain new followers :)


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