Video Review of the April Edition Glossy Box!

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Evening ladies!

As you can imagine i was very excited to receive my first ever Glossy Box yesterday in the post! I didn't even know there was such a thing - a ten pound box with 5 travel/sample size products in including 1-2 full sizes .... not possible! But sure enough, when i looked online on their website and watched other reviews, there it was for all to see, 5 products a month for a tenner! Couldn't say fairer than that, so off i went to get my bank details and signed up straight away. I have used some of the products and i have to say overall i'm pretty pleased, so please take a look at my video review and tell me what you think? 

Do any of you sub to Glossybox and if so which is your favourite box so far? 

You can sub to Glossybox by visiting:

Lots of Luv
Holly xxx
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