Bringing it back to the 80's!

Evening luvvies

So i hope you have all been enjoying this amazing weather we are having in the UK at the moment! I managed to get outside on my lunch break today and get to the park to soak up some rays! It's meant to last for another couple of days so i'm definitely going to try and make the most of it!

Anyway today's post is all about 80's fashion! Why i hear you all ask? Well one of my besties from back home in Kent is having an 80's rock themed birthday this Friday night and for the last few weeks we have been planning what to wear and how to wear our hair and makeup!

If any of you remember the 80's, it was all about biiiig big hair, lots of hairspray and backcombing, crimping,  bright makeup and brightly coloured clothes/accessories. Nothing really matched and looking back, some of the fashion was just terrible haha but it worked back then! I was just a little kid but i remember my mum scraping my hair up into a big side ponytail to keep up with the current trends. 

So i thought it would be fun to post some pictures on here that i used for inspiring my outfit for Friday. I'm so excited, the town of Tunbridge Wells won't know what's hit them when we turn up rocking our 80's rock wear!


What do you think! Pretty crazy huh!

My outfit consists of a purple tartan tutu skirt, purple leggings, boots and for the top i will be wearing a bright pink vest top with a black mesh top over the top and fingerless mesh gloves. Hair will of course be backcombed into a side ponytail and makeup will be purple and black with some purple false eyelashes!

Can't wait to post the photos up on my blog!

Id love if you guys could help me with ideas for hair styling incase my side pony tail doesnt work out and of course ideas for makeup. It doesn't have to be purple, as long as it goes with the purple false eyelashes! I am thinking of using my Sleek Palette, the one with the neon colours?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Holly xxx
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