Gorgeous Summer Feet at a Bargain Price!

Hey everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely day enjoying yet another day of sunshine here in the UK! With all this sun, i thought it would be time to sort out my feet by giving myself a little pedicure and painting my nails before slipping into my new strappy wedge sandals which i might add came at a very reasonable price! Read on if you want to know a bit more.... 

So i was in Shoe Zone last week looking for some pumps as my local branch do a huge selection of colours and designs and while i was there, i thought i'd have a look at their selection of sandals/flip flops! Now i've got really odd feet, they're really narrow but also long making it difficult for me to wear sandals without a strap around the ankle as size 6s are usually too wide. I tried a number of pairs on, all different designs and then came across these gems hidden on the bottom shelf! I tried them on and what do you know - a perfect fit! I just love the colour  - tan and white and the stones design on top give it that bit of glamour. I've been wearing these a lot this week and wore them today to work and received quite a few compliments! I love these so much that i'm going to go out and by a brown pair. They're soo comfy as the inner soles are cushioned and as they're wedged, my feet have good support especially under the bridge of my foot which is where i need it as wearing flats for a long period of time,  can sometimes make my feet really painful. I do a lot of walking as i live in London and when i wear these, my feel feel great as if i've been in trainers! The particular range is called Softlites and they do lots of other designs. Who says you can't buy  shoes that are both cute and comfy :)

If any of you have a Shoe Zone near you, you will know that their prices are budget (similar to Primark) and these babies set me back at £14.99 which for them is more the top end of their pricing structure. This is great if you don't have a whole lot of money to spend and you are looking for a bargain!

I also wanted to add that the nail polish i am wearing is also at a budget price of 99p each. It is from the LA Colors Color Craze range in Lightning which is a Neon Pink in the bottle but depending on the light can show as a coral orange. Then over the top i applied Sassy Sparkle :)

So there you have it, my summer feet... i don't get them out very often which is why i thought i'd do a post on them!

You can view the huge range of shoes at Shoe Zone by visiting SHOE ZONE and for LA Colors you can visit LA COLORS. Unfortunately you can't shop online with these retailers but they do tell you where your nearest stockists are.

That's it for now! Where do you girlies like to shop for bargain footwear? I'd love to know :)

Luv Holly xxx
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