It's pay day whoop! My little haul!

Morning lovely bloggers! It's Friday whoop! And i have a day off work.. except it's not really a day off, i had a doctors appointment this morning, i have then got a dentist appointment in 2 hours and i havent been for 6 years (oops!) then i have to go to the county court after that to sort out some paperwork ( long story - maybe i'll go into it sometime!) So yeah, busy day for me.. ! But as i have an hour to myself on the sofa, i decided to do a post which i've been working on since yesterday! 

So on Monday it was finally payday! Payday always seems like an eternity to come round and then once it's been you are wishing for the next one to come round...! So as always, i went on a little haul for things i needed and had my eye on throughout April and here are the piccies .....

Tangle Teezer - £12.29 from Boots. I saw this in a YouTube tutorial and thought it looked interesting, and now my hair is long, it tends to get tangled quite easily. First impression was that it looked funky and i loved the colour and it claims to brush your hair without breaking..well i thought, for £12.29 it ought to do what it says, so in the basket it went. When i got it out the box, i was a little disapointed at the didnt feel like a £12.29 brush, clearly i had paid for the name. It is very lightweight and quite plasticky...however do not let this fool you! Ive used this in my hair both dry and wet. The ultimate test was through my wet hair. Well it didnt snag at all, and glided straight through my hair without breaking it! It feels nice to use and i dont have to fight with my hair. Overall i still think it is a little overpriced, a paddle brush would be just as good however, this is a great alternative as a portable paddlebrush, i can carry this round with me in my handbag.

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter - £5.95 from Lush. This is one of my must have products for my nails. I use it as a handcream and carry it everywhere with me. It is made from a Beeswax formula mixed with lots of different thick oils making into a lovely thick buttery cream. My nan swears by this for her split nails and i have to say i agree. The smell is delicious, it is a very zesty lemony scent, very uplifting! I have been using it religiously to mend my poor brittle nails after having my Gel Extensions removed and on a couple of my nails you can hardlly tell i even had extensions on! The only negative with this cream is it does leave your hands greasy, but this doesnt last long once your skin has soaked it up. Just make sure you spend time really massaging it in. A definite staple in my cosetics basket!

Kiko Nail Laquer in 355 - £2.95 from Kiko ( only two Kiko stores exist in London, in the Westfield shopping centres, but you can buy online, see my link in top page tabs) I haven't yet used this colour but will probably use it tonight. Just been giving my nails a rest from the Gels! I love all the Kiko Nail Laquers, they have an amaaaazing range of colours and the quality of the varnish is brilliant. The colour lasts long and isn't prone to chipping. I chose this buttery yellow for the Summer when it eventually decides to happen and also for my holiday in August. I just love bright colours, the brighter the better i say!

Kiko Colour Definition Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners - £5.90 - Black and Metallic Purple. Love these, as they last all day and night. I already have the teal eyeliner which i love as it's so vibrant and i needed a black for everyday use and purple for nights out when i like to wear crazy makeup. Also as i do a little freelancing, its important to have a variation of colours in your kit. I did find that the black eyeliner was a little gloopy but i think that was just me being unlucky as the green and purple are fine. The brush is lovely and thin which gives me great control. I hate it when you end up with a huge thick line that you didn't want. Still perfecting the flicks/cat eyes with this liner, slowly getting there now!

So there you have it, my little haul. I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to know what you guys use as a good brush and if you use the Tangle Teaser. Also what your favourite Lush product is!

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My next post will be a review of the Organix haircare range, Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser and the Naked Heat Defence spray!

Have a great Friday girls ( & boys :) )

Luv Holly xxxx

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