Peaches and Clean Anyone? Don't mind if i do!


Evening lovelies!

So i've been on the hunt lately for a new wash off cleanser which is more natural based! I didn't want to spend a fortune this time, as in the past i've always used Origins or Aveda. So off i went to my local Boots and had a good look round and stumbled across this gem! I've always liked Soap and Glory for their quirky packaging and their use of ingredients. I'm a big fan of their makeup range so i thought why not put their skincare to the test! 

I'm so glad i did because i have literally fallen in love with this cleanser! Here's why ....

About the Cleanser

Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 wash off deep cleansing milk special clogged T-Zone Formula.
Includes Peach Extract ( with skin smoothing fruit acids), Quillaja Bark ( a gentle natural soap), Jojoba Oil ( an emollient skin softener) Detoxy Boost  Technology ( to help purify and deep clean) and Poreshrink R2 ( for a clearer, brighter, fresher complexion)

It comes in a 200ml bottle and a pump so you always get just enough product without overdoing it and the cleanser has been tested on people, not animals which is even better if you are an animal lover like me :) I reckon this product will last me a good 4 months or so, well worth the £7.00 i think!

My Thoughts!

In love, in love, in .... love! And i'll tell you why... it's the scent! It really does smell like peaches and cream.. as soon as i used it, it transported me back to my childhood when my lovely nan used to give me peaches and vanilla icecream for pudding on a hot summers day. If you don't like the smell of peaches or nectarines then you wont like this as its very very peachy! I liked the consistency of this cleanser, nice and creamy, which is great for my dry skin as i can't use anything that foams. It didn't leave my skin feeling tight and it took off 90% off my makeup in one cleanse ( and i use EL Double Wear Foundation) It also leaves a somewhat menthol feeling on my skin and this is because it contains Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, so be careful with the eye area when using. I checked the ingredients and i can see no use of parabens either which means another tick in my box :)

Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk - £7.00 for 200ml
available from all Boots Stockists


So in conclusion, i am really pleased i found this cleanser. For £7.00 i think it's such good value, you get so much of it and you don't need to pump too much product for one wash. The smell is divine and it gets rid of all my makeup ( in 2 washes) and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and irritated. I shall definitely be buying another bottle of this when i run out!

You can also see a review of this Cleanser here on my You Tube Channel - Cosmetics Junkeee

Hope you guys have found my review helpful! Let me know what other Soap and Glory products are worth trying, as i'm thinking about trying their eye cream and moisturisers.. what do you think?

Luv Holly xxx

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