LOTD Fact or Quote #1


Hey Luvvies!

How you all doing!? I'm so thankful it's the weekend again, they seem to be coming round so quick these days. It will be Christmas soon at this rate haha!

Anyway, today's post is a slightly different one from what  i would usually do but i noticed quite a few people have been taking part in Louise's 'Love of the Day' from Sprinkle of Glitter and basically you just share a favourite fact or quote. You can join in by clicking the link above

The quote below is a personal favourite of mine. It reminds me of myself, i've always been a dreamer and i'm a firm believer of following my heart and dreams and if i want something, to go out and get it. The quote reminds me of times where i've been particularly low and at a bad point in my life yet somehow i've had the strength to still dream big for myself and carry on striving to get to my happy place. I can happily say i got there in the end! 

Don't forget i'm still running my international Mac Giveaway where you can win a lippy and gloss of your choice. Giveaway ends on 13th July and you can enter HERE ! :D

Luv Holly xxxx

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More Soap & Glory Reviews


Hi lovelies!

How are you all!? Enjoying the weekend? I have been having a really lazy day today, spending most of it in my PJs. It is Sunday afterall and if you can't be lazy on a Sunday, when can you be!? :)

Today i'm reviewing the second and third product from the 3 for 2 purchase from one of my favourite all time brands Soap & Glory. I seem to be inundating my blog with S&G reviews lately so i think i will make this my last for a while or i might just start up a new blog just to review S&G... hmm now there's a thought!

So, onto the reviews themselves! The other products i bought were also skincare products and they were Catch a Wrinkle in Time Face Cream and Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream. Apologies in advance as i tried to take a photo of the swatches but they came out rubbish so i will try and add this to the post this week!

Catch a Wrinkle in Time 50ml - RRP - £11.00
Can be Bought Here

This lovely little tube of cream is designed to keep those early signs of ageing at bay and for me approaching the big 30 in 6 months, this is just what i need! It contains a swiss developed anti aging complex that blends high performance hydrators and collagen stimulating tri-peptides to smooth away wrinkles and firm the skin. This all sounds very technical to me but then what anti aging skin cream doesnt!? I have been using this cream for around 2 weeks now and i have to say i really am liking it! It's lightweight yet it sinks in beautifully leaving my skin lovely and moisturised without leaving that greasy feeling that you can get sometimes. The smell is very pleasant, although i still can't quite put my finger in what it is, but its a very subtle fruity smell. This is primarily a day cream. I don't use this at night as it isn't intensive enough but so far it is doing the job for me and i will definitely buy it again! 

Make Yourself Youthful Eyecream 15ml - RRP - £12.00
Can be bought here

Again, another anti ageing product from their eye care range, featuring their PUFFEASE-365 and INSTANT SWIFTLIFT Technology along with cucumber juice and pro-collagen peptides. It comes in a handy little pump tube ensuring you don't use too much of the product at once and the texture of the cream is creamy and lightweight. It leaves a kind of pearlescent/dewy finish around the eyes and does seem to brighten them up. I also have found that with this eyecream, i don't need to use as much concealer afterwards too. I think it's very hard to find a good eyecream that will completely banish those pesky dark circles but i think this little product does improve my eyes somewhat and i really like the packaging for it too. I would recommend this for people with dryer skin simply because of its creamy texture :)

You can buy all S&G products online or from Boots stores and i believe even Harvey Nichols in London have started selling it now too! This brand really does seem to be growing bigger and bigger!

That's it for now! I will be buying the S&G Sit Tight when i get paid, to see if it really can reduce the appearance of cellulite! Now who doesn't want a product that can do that!!

Lots of Love
Holly xxx
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100 Follower Mac Giveaway - NOW CLOSED!

What's up lovelies!!

Wow, i can't believe i'm doing another giveaway! It doesnt seem that long ago since i did my 50 follower giveaway! Thankyou so much again to everyone who follows my blog and leaves such lovely comments for me to read, it really does mean a lot! And as a special thankyou i want to do a giveaway that i hope most of you will love and more importantly you will all be able to enter as this will be an international giveaway! I felt so bad for not being able to make my last one international that i promised this one would be open to everyone and as always, i keep to my word!

So anyways, onto the giveaway! As you can tell from the title this is a Mac giveaway and who doesn't love a bit of Mac?! They seem to be getting ever more popular and so naturally, i wanted to jump onto the Mac Bandwagon! So, i will be giving away a Lipstick ( the regular lippies) in a colour of your choice AND either a Lustre Glass Lip Gloss or a Tinted Lipglass also in your own personal choice of colour! I thought to myself, what's the point in just a lippy, you need a lip glass to sex it up too !! I will order both online and pay for these products and have them posted to you as soon as i receive them. Sound good? Read on, on how to enter...

 Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick


To enter YOU MUST follow by GFC and comment below saying 'Please enter me.'
The winner will be drawn via random.org  on 13th July 2012.


For 1extra entry,  follow me on twitter and tweet: 'I have entered the@MissHolly_82 Mac Giveaway! You can enter too, by visiting www.blogofacosmeticsjunkie.com'

FOR 2 EXTRAS ENTRIES you can Blog about my giveaway and link me to your post.

So that's a total of four entries each if you fancy it!

Please let me know in your comment how many entries you have gone for and also leave your email address in case you are the winner!

So i guess all that's left to say is good luck!

Luv Holly xxx

* images taken from mac.co.uk

 Lustreglass Lustreglass Lustreglass Tinted Lipglass Tinted Lipglass Tinted Lipglass

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New Blog Hop in Town!

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Hey my fellow blogettes!

Everyone loves a blog hop right? Well Mimika at Mimika's Little Wonderland has just started a blog hop and would love for you all to sign up! Blog hops as you probably know are great for meeting other bloggers and gaining new followers! I'm not sure where my blog would be if it weren't for the blog hops! :) So far there are 13 lovely people signed up, so i guess the question is, who's gona be next? :D

You can join her hop by clicking on the link above !

Happy Hopping guys!

Holly xxx

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Foxylocks Clip In Hair Extensions Review


Hi lovelies

How are you all enjoying your weekend so far? For me i've mostly been chillaxing and catching up on sleep but i did manage to get out yesterday to Oxford Street and do a little shopping! What i love about London is the fact you can go out late and shop, and for me that's great as i much prefer to shop in the evenings when it's a little quieter :)

Anyway, onto today's post which is a bit about the Foxy Locks hair extensions which were recommended to me by another blogger some time ago. I must admit i actually bought a set a couple of months ago but i had a  bit of a disaster with the scissors and couldn't wear them down...oops..but the month after i bought another set in a different colour and am actually much happier with them as they match my hair colour perfectly!

 So a bit about Foxy Locks themselves! They are made from 100% remy human hair and are ethically sourced. Remy means that the cuticle on each strand of hair is running in the same direction which means the hair won't tangle so easily. They come in three types of thickness's and are all 20 inches long - Regular which is 120g and this comes in at £56.00 and this is good for those of you who have quite fine hair. The next is the Deluxe set which is the set i am wearing in the photos and this is 160g and this is £74.00 and finally there is the Superior set at 215g and this comes in at £118.00.

Because the hair is 100% real, it means you can straighten it, curl, crimp, whatever you fancy, just so long as you look after them like it was your own hair. I always use heat protectant before i do anything to them as i want these to last as long as possible. You receive 10 pieces altogether but in the photos i am just wearing 5 pieces because i find the hair is quite heavy. If i am going out then i would probably put more pieces in to get a bit more volume or if i was going to curl them. I am a big fan of sleek and straight hair so i don't think i will ever use all ten pieces at the same time :)

Overall i am really pleased with the hair, it's so soft and silky and looks so natural. I find it blends really well with my own hair and i'm so glad i picked the Darkest Brown. There are so many things you can do with it, i've been wearing mine in a bun lately and also in a long plait. I have also waved it as well for that Boho look and it came out really well! I'm still getting used to putting them in but i'm sure i will get the hang of it pretty quickly as they they are easy to put in with the clips being very secure. They just simply snap and open and shut.

Imogen who owns foxylocks actually has her own you tube channel whereby she does tutorials with the extensions and im looking forward to trying out some more styles. She is stunning and i just love watching her videos as they're both clear and concise and she comes across as such a likeable person and somebody you would want to be friends with haha! :)

For more information on Imogen's fabulous extensions you can visit foxylocksextensions and if you fancy watching some of her tutorials, you can visit her channel here.

Do any of you guys use Foxylocks or any other extensions and what's your favourite style you like to do? I'd love to know! =D

Luv Holly xxxx

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Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Face Mask

Evening my gorgeous followers!

So it's been a week since my last post and i'm back with another Soap & Glory review! Yes indeed, i have been so impressed with their skincare lately that i have been buying myself more and more and I've yet to be disappointed! I have to add that i may not have done a S&G haul if it had not been for one of my twitter/blogging friends Aundrea who recommended me this fabulous product, thankyou so much Aundrea ;) Oh and Boots were doing a 3 for 2 so obviously i had to take advantage right ?! 

So now onto the review .....

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask is exactly what it says, a self heating mask. It is designed to deep clean the pores and leave your skin squeaky clean! It features their 1-Minute Hot PORECLEAR Technology and even comes with a cute pink smoothing sponge as well! The mask itself contains exfoliating acids and tiny skin-smoothing particles so you can slough away those dull dead skin cells. And what i love is the way the mask turns blue once you start scrubbing it onto your skin. You only need to use this once or twice a week and a grape size amount is all you need to use. You have the option of rinsing off straight away for a fast refresh or you can leave it on for 3-5 mins before sponging off.  

So how did i get on with this little wonder mask.. lets find out .. !

Well as this had been highly recommended i naturally went in with high expectations. What i wasn't quite prepared for was the heat when i first applied the mask .. Omg...! It goes very hot, it lasts less than a minute and i probably wouldn't recommend this if you have very sensitive skin. That said my skin does usually react to things it doesn't like and i had no reactions whatsoever. I followed the instructions and gave my skin an exfoliation and left on for around 3 mins. I loved the tingly cooling sensation it gave me, it felt like my skin was really clean. I even got my other half to take a cheeky photo of me to show you the colour of the mask. The more you scrub the more blue it goes. And just so you have an idea, it initially goes on white. After i rinsed the mask off, i found my skin to feel a lot smoother and even after i dried my face, it felt nice and soft. Not tight like some masks and my skin is dry so usually anything that claims to clean out your pores, i can never use as it's too astringent on my skin. I guess as it's still primarily a cream scrub/mask as opposed to foaming, then it can be used on drier skins as well as oily.

So if you fancy giving this mask a go, pop down to Boots. I  think their 3 for 2 may still be on but if not then this mask retails at £11.00 which is mid-range as far as masks go but i think well worth the money as you only need a grape size amount each time you use it! 

Also hop over to Aundrea's page sometime - www.dancinwithdisaster.blogspot.com . I'm pretty sure she will posting a review on this product soon too. I know she has gotten all her friends hooked on this baby and now i can see why! :)

Let me know if any of you guys have tried this mask and if you have any other S&G skincare products!

My next review will be of the other 2 products i bought in the 3 for 2 offer which will be the Catch A Wrinkle In Time Day Moisturiser and the Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream

Until then, enjoy the rest of your evening lovelies :)

Holly xxx

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Jubilee Party Hair - How to style with a donut ring!

Well hello there my loyal subjects :)

First of all i want to say sorry for not being around as much as usual, i haven't been posting as regularly as i normally do, ive just been fairly busy with work and life and lack of funds has meant not being able to buy all the lovely products i usually buy each month which means less reviews to write about. My holiday is coming up and i've been busy buying summer clothes which means ive had to forgo my usual makeup bits and pieces :)

So anyway onto the post itself! Most of you know all about the Queens Jubilee Weekend and in the UK most of us have had the privilege of having 2 bank holiday days off which has been lovely and another reason why i couldn't go back to working in retail haha! Lots of people have been celebrating by having street parties or tea parties with lots of Victoria Sponge and cups of tea in their best crockery sets - how very English! I myself went to my other half's family party which was a joint birthday/joint jubilee but in Caribbean Style as my partner is Caribbean. It was tonnes of fun and we had a great laugh!

As it was the Jubilee i thought that i would do something 'regal' with my hair and decided to get my donut out  of its dusty hiding place and do a style with it. Last time i wore this was when i worked in Harrods 2 years ago! I then added some flowers to it to jazz it up and i was ready to go party royal style whoop! I posted some pictures below - sorry they're not very good quality as i took these with my phone..

When i first bought my donut 2 years ago i used to struggle getting it to look right but then my friend taught me an easier way and i've stuck with it ever since. This is how i do mine:

Put your hair up in a very high pony tail, as high as you like and hairspray any loose bits flat against your head. Next slide the ponytail through the donut. Depending on the length of your hair you can buy different size donuts. Next fan the hair over the donut and tuck the loose ends underneath. If your hair is longer you may need to wrap the ends around the donut and then tuck underneath. Once you have made sure that the donut is covered, grab a thin elastic band (something discreet) and pull it over the donut and underneath so all the loose ends that have been tucked in are secured by the band. It's the elastic band part that i cannot do without. Then finally place some bobby pins/kirby grips around the edge of the bun to secure the bun to the head and spray with hairspray to set. Bobs your Uncle! What i did also was pulled the hair a little looser in the bun to make it a little messier looking and pulled a few strands out as i didn't want it to look too neat and added two flower clips from H&M. You can also add bows if you like, that looks really cute!

For the makeup i went for girly colours and used pink, purple and white from my Mac Palette - see below :)

What did you guys all get up to for the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend? Anything exciting or interesting? Let me know!  :)

Have a lovely evening!

Holly xxx

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