Foxylocks Clip In Hair Extensions Review


Hi lovelies

How are you all enjoying your weekend so far? For me i've mostly been chillaxing and catching up on sleep but i did manage to get out yesterday to Oxford Street and do a little shopping! What i love about London is the fact you can go out late and shop, and for me that's great as i much prefer to shop in the evenings when it's a little quieter :)

Anyway, onto today's post which is a bit about the Foxy Locks hair extensions which were recommended to me by another blogger some time ago. I must admit i actually bought a set a couple of months ago but i had a  bit of a disaster with the scissors and couldn't wear them down...oops..but the month after i bought another set in a different colour and am actually much happier with them as they match my hair colour perfectly!

 So a bit about Foxy Locks themselves! They are made from 100% remy human hair and are ethically sourced. Remy means that the cuticle on each strand of hair is running in the same direction which means the hair won't tangle so easily. They come in three types of thickness's and are all 20 inches long - Regular which is 120g and this comes in at £56.00 and this is good for those of you who have quite fine hair. The next is the Deluxe set which is the set i am wearing in the photos and this is 160g and this is £74.00 and finally there is the Superior set at 215g and this comes in at £118.00.

Because the hair is 100% real, it means you can straighten it, curl, crimp, whatever you fancy, just so long as you look after them like it was your own hair. I always use heat protectant before i do anything to them as i want these to last as long as possible. You receive 10 pieces altogether but in the photos i am just wearing 5 pieces because i find the hair is quite heavy. If i am going out then i would probably put more pieces in to get a bit more volume or if i was going to curl them. I am a big fan of sleek and straight hair so i don't think i will ever use all ten pieces at the same time :)

Overall i am really pleased with the hair, it's so soft and silky and looks so natural. I find it blends really well with my own hair and i'm so glad i picked the Darkest Brown. There are so many things you can do with it, i've been wearing mine in a bun lately and also in a long plait. I have also waved it as well for that Boho look and it came out really well! I'm still getting used to putting them in but i'm sure i will get the hang of it pretty quickly as they they are easy to put in with the clips being very secure. They just simply snap and open and shut.

Imogen who owns foxylocks actually has her own you tube channel whereby she does tutorials with the extensions and im looking forward to trying out some more styles. She is stunning and i just love watching her videos as they're both clear and concise and she comes across as such a likeable person and somebody you would want to be friends with haha! :)

For more information on Imogen's fabulous extensions you can visit foxylocksextensions and if you fancy watching some of her tutorials, you can visit her channel here.

Do any of you guys use Foxylocks or any other extensions and what's your favourite style you like to do? I'd love to know! =D

Luv Holly xxxx

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