Jubilee Party Hair - How to style with a donut ring!

Well hello there my loyal subjects :)

First of all i want to say sorry for not being around as much as usual, i haven't been posting as regularly as i normally do, ive just been fairly busy with work and life and lack of funds has meant not being able to buy all the lovely products i usually buy each month which means less reviews to write about. My holiday is coming up and i've been busy buying summer clothes which means ive had to forgo my usual makeup bits and pieces :)

So anyway onto the post itself! Most of you know all about the Queens Jubilee Weekend and in the UK most of us have had the privilege of having 2 bank holiday days off which has been lovely and another reason why i couldn't go back to working in retail haha! Lots of people have been celebrating by having street parties or tea parties with lots of Victoria Sponge and cups of tea in their best crockery sets - how very English! I myself went to my other half's family party which was a joint birthday/joint jubilee but in Caribbean Style as my partner is Caribbean. It was tonnes of fun and we had a great laugh!

As it was the Jubilee i thought that i would do something 'regal' with my hair and decided to get my donut out  of its dusty hiding place and do a style with it. Last time i wore this was when i worked in Harrods 2 years ago! I then added some flowers to it to jazz it up and i was ready to go party royal style whoop! I posted some pictures below - sorry they're not very good quality as i took these with my phone..

When i first bought my donut 2 years ago i used to struggle getting it to look right but then my friend taught me an easier way and i've stuck with it ever since. This is how i do mine:

Put your hair up in a very high pony tail, as high as you like and hairspray any loose bits flat against your head. Next slide the ponytail through the donut. Depending on the length of your hair you can buy different size donuts. Next fan the hair over the donut and tuck the loose ends underneath. If your hair is longer you may need to wrap the ends around the donut and then tuck underneath. Once you have made sure that the donut is covered, grab a thin elastic band (something discreet) and pull it over the donut and underneath so all the loose ends that have been tucked in are secured by the band. It's the elastic band part that i cannot do without. Then finally place some bobby pins/kirby grips around the edge of the bun to secure the bun to the head and spray with hairspray to set. Bobs your Uncle! What i did also was pulled the hair a little looser in the bun to make it a little messier looking and pulled a few strands out as i didn't want it to look too neat and added two flower clips from H&M. You can also add bows if you like, that looks really cute!

For the makeup i went for girly colours and used pink, purple and white from my Mac Palette - see below :)

What did you guys all get up to for the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend? Anything exciting or interesting? Let me know!  :)

Have a lovely evening!

Holly xxx

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