LOTD Fact or Quote #1


Hey Luvvies!

How you all doing!? I'm so thankful it's the weekend again, they seem to be coming round so quick these days. It will be Christmas soon at this rate haha!

Anyway, today's post is a slightly different one from what  i would usually do but i noticed quite a few people have been taking part in Louise's 'Love of the Day' from Sprinkle of Glitter and basically you just share a favourite fact or quote. You can join in by clicking the link above

The quote below is a personal favourite of mine. It reminds me of myself, i've always been a dreamer and i'm a firm believer of following my heart and dreams and if i want something, to go out and get it. The quote reminds me of times where i've been particularly low and at a bad point in my life yet somehow i've had the strength to still dream big for myself and carry on striving to get to my happy place. I can happily say i got there in the end! 

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Luv Holly xxxx

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