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Hi lovelies!

How are you all!? Enjoying the weekend? I have been having a really lazy day today, spending most of it in my PJs. It is Sunday afterall and if you can't be lazy on a Sunday, when can you be!? :)

Today i'm reviewing the second and third product from the 3 for 2 purchase from one of my favourite all time brands Soap & Glory. I seem to be inundating my blog with S&G reviews lately so i think i will make this my last for a while or i might just start up a new blog just to review S&G... hmm now there's a thought!

So, onto the reviews themselves! The other products i bought were also skincare products and they were Catch a Wrinkle in Time Face Cream and Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream. Apologies in advance as i tried to take a photo of the swatches but they came out rubbish so i will try and add this to the post this week!

Catch a Wrinkle in Time 50ml - RRP - £11.00
Can be Bought Here

This lovely little tube of cream is designed to keep those early signs of ageing at bay and for me approaching the big 30 in 6 months, this is just what i need! It contains a swiss developed anti aging complex that blends high performance hydrators and collagen stimulating tri-peptides to smooth away wrinkles and firm the skin. This all sounds very technical to me but then what anti aging skin cream doesnt!? I have been using this cream for around 2 weeks now and i have to say i really am liking it! It's lightweight yet it sinks in beautifully leaving my skin lovely and moisturised without leaving that greasy feeling that you can get sometimes. The smell is very pleasant, although i still can't quite put my finger in what it is, but its a very subtle fruity smell. This is primarily a day cream. I don't use this at night as it isn't intensive enough but so far it is doing the job for me and i will definitely buy it again! 

Make Yourself Youthful Eyecream 15ml - RRP - £12.00
Can be bought here

Again, another anti ageing product from their eye care range, featuring their PUFFEASE-365 and INSTANT SWIFTLIFT Technology along with cucumber juice and pro-collagen peptides. It comes in a handy little pump tube ensuring you don't use too much of the product at once and the texture of the cream is creamy and lightweight. It leaves a kind of pearlescent/dewy finish around the eyes and does seem to brighten them up. I also have found that with this eyecream, i don't need to use as much concealer afterwards too. I think it's very hard to find a good eyecream that will completely banish those pesky dark circles but i think this little product does improve my eyes somewhat and i really like the packaging for it too. I would recommend this for people with dryer skin simply because of its creamy texture :)

You can buy all S&G products online or from Boots stores and i believe even Harvey Nichols in London have started selling it now too! This brand really does seem to be growing bigger and bigger!

That's it for now! I will be buying the S&G Sit Tight when i get paid, to see if it really can reduce the appearance of cellulite! Now who doesn't want a product that can do that!!

Lots of Love
Holly xxx
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