Bargain Buys Under £3.00 !

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Evening ladies!

Isn't this weather in the UK absolutely gorgeous! I am proper loving it hehe! After all the rain we have had, it's about time don't you think :)

So, last week i was in Primark, and as usual wasn't planning on buying anything, however that all changed when i came across these little bargain buys on the way to the till. I have actually been looking for a plastic see through cosmetics case to take on holiday and this looked so cute, i had to have it :) It wasn't until i got home, i realised there was actually a miniature version of the case inside, fab! This came in at £3.00 which is a great price i think! Also at the till point i picked up these heart shaped foundation sponges. I thought these were really cool and for £1.00 it wasn't going to break the bank. I actually bought these for nail art, as i don't use sponges to apply makeup. I am going to try and create an Ombre look on my toes so i will definitely be posting pics up for you to see if they turn out good :)

Lastly i picked up this body brush in Wilkinsons. I love Wilkos, there's so many cheap buys in there but of good quality. I love this little brush as it has the rubber nodules on for massage and i have been using this lately on my legs to try and reduce the dreaded celulite us women tend get as we get a little older! Not that we will ever be able to get rid of it completely but the brush certainly does help :) 

That's it for this post, short and sweet after the last post!

Hope you enjoy the sun and have a lovely evening/day :)

Luv Holly xx
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