Tutorial for Pink & Purple Ombre Nails


Hey lovely ladies!

It's a been quite a while since i wrote you guys a tutorial and i thought that since i was doing some nail art that i would take some photos to show you and give you a step by step on how i did it :) I've always wanted to try the Ombre/Gradient Nail Art look and as i purchased myself some makeup sponges from Primark especially i thought i should get to it and this is what i came up with. I tried a different combo of colours, none of which really worked until i used these colours below. The secret is to find two colours which contrast with each other and then a colour in between. Sounds obvious i know, but i was trying to do it with 2 pastel colours and i couldn't quite get the same effect! I also decided to use my fimo canes as well just for my big toes. I love Fimo, you can be so creative with it! I also used some pink gemstones for my fingernails too. 
I apologise as the pictures aren't great quality, i really need to get a proper camera haha! Anyway, onto the turorial .....

Step 1: Apply a base colour to your nails, preferably a light colour that will contrast nicely with the darker colour which you will use for the nail tips. Wait for it to dry

Step 2: Grab a makeup sponge that's porous, you need a sponge that's porous so you can create the sponge effect. I tore my sponges into quarters as the outside of the sponge was too smooth to create the effect i wanted. ( if you want to see the sponges i used, you can see them in the post below. They were 99p from Primark and came in heart shapes - cute!) Next pour a small amount of the polish onto some tissue and dip the corner of the sponge into the polish. Now dab the sponge onto the tip on the nails, and continue dabbing down to a about a third of the nail, making sure the majority of the polish is on the tip. You want to create a gradient look where the dark eventually fades out toward the bottom of the nail.

Step 3 - Apply a colour that's inbetween the contrasting colours and dab where the two colours meet. This will help all the colours to blend into each other. For this look i used a dark pink. 

Step 4 - This is optional but i'm a bit of a glitter freak so i applied a layer of glitter polish over the top and used this to set my gems and fimo clay stars/flowers. Lastly i applied a thick coat of clear polish over the top to seal everything in. Lastly clean up the edges with a cotton bud and varnish remover. Voila!

It really is that easy! I was quite pleased how it turned out considering i have never done this nail effect before. I'm looking forward to doing this again in more colours!

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for ombre nail effects and what colours do you find work well together?

Luv Holly xxx

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