Woo Hoo it's Summer Sale Time!!

What's up lovely ladies!

How are you all doing? Hope you are all ok! Arent you glad Monday is over, i know i am! Mondays are always sooo hard lol! 

I decided to do a lil haul post, after i hit the sales yesterday in Bluewater. Now, i hadn't actually intended on buying anything yesterday, my boyfriend was shopping for himself and i was only meant to buy concealer but nope, that did not happen and i came away with a lot more than i bargained for and a much emptier bank account, oops! Ah well, it's a woman's perogative to spend especially when there are some real bargains to be had in the sales!

So, i went into New Look and on route to the bag section, i walked past the shoe sale. I have been looking for some wedges with chunky straps for some time but they're all so high, i can't walk in them! That was until i stumbled across these! I fell in love instantly. Not only are they coral pink, they are just the right height and perfect for Summer/Holidays. They were £25.00 reduced to £6.00.. yes £6.00. Bargain or what!

With such a great deal, i had to pick these up and so off i trotted to the bag section with my wedges tightly clutched in my hand :)  Below is the bag i purchased for £15.00. I really liked this because of the polkadot design, its very girly and also for the size of the bag. It has lots of room without being too big. I'm not a big fan of oversized bags but this is perfect for me. I shall be using it as a flight bag because of the space and the number of pockets it contains both inside and on the outside. 

Lastly i picked this fold over cosmetics bag from Boots for £6.00. I love the design on it, again very girly. I love how you can fold it over to keep it flat but then when you open it out you have a main compartment for all your lotions and potions and 2 separate see through plastic zipped pockets for makeup! I love it :)

That's it really! I did buy a couple of other bits such as my Kick Ass Concealer by Soap & Glory and 2 cardigans. I had to force myself to stop or i'd have got carried away! :)

So have any of you guys had a chance to hit the sales yet and what did you buy? :)

Luv Holly xxx
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