My October Wish List


Hey !

It's a Saturday night and i'm in for the whole weekend with a lovely cold! Fabulous. Trust me to get it over the weekend. But i guess it's better than having it in the week and then feeling a little bad for having to call in sick. Not that i should feel bad, but a little part of me always does even though i work in Human Resources. Never mind eh!

So today's post is the first of my monthly wishlists! I will never be able to afford everything in the list in one whole month, but it's still nice to look over this post every now and then and dream ................

Ooops, off i go again! Better get on with the post then ..! :)

Grey Ugg Boots -  Ahhh boy, do i want these boots! I already own my black cardy boots which have been my trusty sidekick over the past year but i really want to get the original boots with the sheepskin lining, in grey. I definitely have to get these without fail before December!

Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter in Coco Beach - I have never owned any cosmetics from this company before except a lovely candle in a tin my bestie bought me last Christmas. I'm a massive fan of Lush and i heard this company is very similar. So i think i may pop online tommorow and do some Bomb shopping!

Icing Gun from Next - I instantly fell in love with this little icing gun set from Next. From time to time i like to spend my evenings baking cupcakes and haven't yet mastered the whole 'buttercream in a big swirl effect'. I think this gun would solve all my buttercream issues hehe!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara - I used to work for Lancome and this mascara was the number 1 selling product. I am doing a friend's bridal makeup in 2 weeks and this is on my list. It will be in Waterproof of course :) 

Yankee Candle in Spiced Orange - Ahhhh how i love love love the Yankee Candle! I had a set of two last Christmas in the large jars and they lasted about 3 months. My home was scented beautifully! I came across this one on their site - Spiced Orange. I think this would be the perfect scent for Autumn :)

Lantern Novelty String Lights - I'm a big sucker for novelty lights. I love how they create different lighting effects. The company that makes these lights is called Blaze On and i stumbled across them one day when wandering through Camden Market. I then discovered they were online and the rest is history. They do so many different types of lighting as well as homemade candles and other lovely homemade things. The best thing as well, is all the products are ethical. See Blaze-On.Com for more info!

That's about it for October. I know i will definately buy the Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter and myself and Mark will buy the lights for our little home to make it even more cosy during the dark evenings. Oh and the mascara, or i will have to deal with a very unhappy Bride, and i definitely don't want that! hehe!

What's on your wish list for this coming month?


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Cupcakes for brekky? Er, yes please!

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Hola Peeps!

So did you guys know that today was The World's Biggest Coffee Morning! Yep, it certainly was. It was in aid of  Macmillan Cancer Support and every year they hold a coffee morning to raise money to help change the lives of people affected by Cancer. In 2011 they raised a record £10 Million!

Basically people all around the UK hold a coffee morning and instead of paying for a coffee, you make a donation instead. A few of the girls in the office decided to hold a coffee morning this year and i must say it went down a treat with everyone! Some of our aspiring bakers popped on their baking hats and oven gloves and got baking some delicious treats for us office workers today, to go along with our morning coffee and teas. Every single cake there was homemade! It was hard to know which cakes to start with, so in the end i opted for a Red Velvet and a Chocolate and Banana. Delicious!

Needless to say i had no lunch today .. oops! And now i'm about to have an Indian Takeaway ... oh well haha! It is Friday! ;)

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Blog Makeover! Welcome to My Pink Pyjamas



So you may or may not have noticed that i have been off line for a few days! And now you can see why, because for a while now i have been thinking about changing the look of my blog and re-naming it.

I decided to re-brand my blog  (formerly Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie) on its 6 month anniversary, as i felt the direction of the content was changing. Instead of it just being a beauty blog,  I wanted to create something  that was also personal to me so i could document all the little snippets of my life here and there and i wanted something that could grow with me rather than me outgrow it. As i approach my 30's, i have so many things to look forward to such as re-marrying and starting a little family of my own and so re-branding means i can include all of these lovely things into my blog and also means i will never run out of things to write about!

The idea behind the name Pink Pyjamas was actually an idea of my partner's. He suddenly came out with it one rainy Sunday while we were watching a double of Come Dine With Me and i was, of course in my pink Pjs like i usually am most nights and most lazy Sundays :) I looked at him strangely and said the words to myself. I like it i thought! It suits me down to a T! And so the name My Pink Pyjamas was born! I have turned my blog into a sort of Pyjama Party/Sleepover and it's an open invite, so please come on in and join  the fun! :)

Note: The new URL is currently being re-directed to so both links can currently be used. I will remove the old URL on 1st November 2012. 

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Girl Crush: Michelle Keegan


Just how gorgeous is Michelle Keegan? I love her, i think she is one stunning lady :) I didn't really know much about her until i started watching Corrie a bit more ( my boyfriend watches it all the time so i had no choice haha) and i remember thinking that out of the whole cast, she stuck out the most. She has a natural sultry/exotic look about her which is just lovely, it's no wonder the quarter Spanish beauty has been voted sexiest woman at the British Soap Awards 3 times! My goal is to try and grow my hair long like hers but i'm not sure i will achieve that given i have no patience and i get bored so quick haha! Perhaps i need to stick a picture of Michelle Keegan on my fridge for motivation? What do you think? haha!

Who are your girl crushes?

Luv Holly xxx

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How to: Roasted Tyme and Paprika Potatoes

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Evening Ladies

So the day before yesterday was a Sunday and we all know that Sunday wouldn't be a Sunday without some kind of a roast dinner! It was my turn to cook and to be honest while i wasn't really in the mood, i ended up concocting some rather tasty tatties to go with our roast chicken! I love my roast potatoes like the rest of them but i felt like doing something a little different. Now i'm no Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver but i know what tastes good and so whilst i was placing the peeled potatoes into the roaster with drizzles of sunflower oil to make them all crispy, i decided to sprinkle some paprika on and add some fresh tyme and onion. Pretty simple and the potatoes turned out lovely. My other half enjoyed them too. 

So here is a step by step guide on roast tatties for those of you who are still inclined to go out and buy Aunt Bessies hehe!

1. Peel 2 large potatoes
2. Cut into quarters and cut the quarters again if you like your potatoes a little smaller
3. Bring a pan of lightly salted water to the boil and par boil the potatoes for 15-20 mins.
4. Pre Heat the oven to Gas Mark 5/6
5. Line a baking tin with some foil, shiny side up and wait for the potatoes to boil
6.Now place the potatoes evenly on the foil and  sprinkle with ground black peppercorns mixed with a little salt and  drizzle with sunflower oil. This will help to crisp the potatoes up and make them nice and brown.
7. Place in the oven for 30 mins
8. After 30 mins take out and turn the potatoes over. Sprinkle some paprika over them and add some sprigs of fresh tyme underneath making sure they are coated in the sunflower oil or they will burn.
9. Optional - chop some onion and place amongst the potatoes
10. Roast for a further 15 mins or until the potatoes have gone a lovely golden colour and then remove from the over to cool down, ready for serving!

Voila! Very simple! The secret is in the timing. Always allow at least 30 - 45mins roasting time after par boiling the potatoes.

What tips and tricks do you have for roast tatties?

Luv Holly xx

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Introducing Danni from Mac

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Hey ladies

Yes, it's Monday again boo! But it's over and done with now thankfully and now i am home and snuggled up on my sofa, i can get on with some more blogging! Always a good thing i thinks and the thing i look forward to the most on a dreary Monday :)

So today i wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the blogosphere. She is quite new to the whole blogging thing and doesn't yet have a blog page set up but she does however have a fabulouso facebook page set up and was launched just today.

Her name is Danni and she is a super talented Mac makeup artist. She has worked for Mac for over 5 years and works as a freelance artist in her spare time. Her page has been set up to show you ladies all the tips and tricks of the Mac trade and she is available to answer any of your questions. 

 She has some amazing photos on there ranging from wedding/neutral looks to dramatic so please do check out her page and ask her what her fave makeup tips are and stay tuned for her blog which hopefully will be launching in the near future :) 

Click here for Danni's Facebook Page -

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Gradient Gold Glitter Nails


Hi Ladies

So i'm back with another nail post wahey! My nails are still staying strong and as you know, i am making the most of them until they go back to their old flaky selves boohoo! I'm not sure if it's the Lush Lemony Flutter or the fact i'm taking folic acid vitamins every day but seems to be working for me!

Anyhoo, i've always been really into Glitter Gradient nails and i saw a post on Sprinkle of Glitter's blog which is one of my favourite all rounder blogs, and she had done a post on there about gradient glitter nails so i decided to give it a go myself. I have to say the photos don't do them a lot of justice, the gold is a LOT more sparkly in person :) I decided to go for Gold as i have been wearing a lot of vibrant  colours lately and wanted something a little more toned down this time. 

For this look i used my trusty LA Color polishes coupled with an OPI Gold glitter polish i had from an older collection. First i applied the LA Colors polish in Goddess which is a very sheer gold sparkle polish with a tiny round foil like circles which reflect the light. Next i dip my brush into the OPI polish in Bring the Bling and coated the nail tip and then brought it down to the second third of my nail. Be very sparing with the glitter as you bring it down the nail. Next i put another coat of Goddess and finally for the top coat i used my favourite LA Colors polish in Sassy Sparkle :)

The last post i showed you my Fizzy Lime Nails, all LA Colors and i'm excited to say that the nails lasted a whole week! That's how impressed i am with this brand, and at only 99p per bottle, you can't complain!

What do you think?

Luv Holly xxx

La Colors & OPI left to right - Goddess, Bring the Bling and Sassy Sparkle
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Fizzy Lime Nails by La Colors Nail Polish

Hi Guys

Lately  i've really been getting back into wearing my nail polishes. I go through phases where i won't wear nail polish for ages and then suddenly i'll have an urge to wear all sorts of colours under the sun :) Since i have been using my Lush Lemony Flutter, my nails have gotten really strong and i have been able to grow them longer than normal which is great! It's taken a few months but now i'm finally there i think whoo hoo!

So, anyway as i was in Westfield Shopping Centre last week, i popped into a shop called Beauty Base and in there they sell all the LA Colors Nail Polish range. Now i love this brand, all their polishes are 99p each! You would think that for such a low price, that the polish would be really bad quality but to be honest this brand challenges some of the luxury brands i used to wear and i love how big the bottles are, they are very similar to the OPI bottles. The amount of colours they do is just crazy, i mean every colour under the sun is there. The good thing is you can be really experimental with the colours as they are so affordable and because of this i decided on buying this lime green colour which i thought was a little different!

Now with this colour i did have to use three coats to get the vibrancy of the green to come out but not all the colours in their range need this many coats, some of the colours i have only need one coat. If you love your glitter polishes, this is by far my favourite brand. I get through a lot of glitter polish, i love it so i don't feel so guilty plying it on my nails as it's only 99p a bottle. I decided to apply some glitter over the lime green to give it that fizzy factor :)

What do you think? And have you ever tried LA Colors? 

Luv Holly xx

La Colors Color Craze Nail Polish 99p per bottle
Colours - Current and Sassy Sparkle

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The Sweet Candy Couture Collection - Collaboration with Prairie Charm Bracelets

Hey lovely ladies!

I wanted to tell you about something very exciting that i have been involved with over the last month or so! As a relatively new blogger i was thrilled to be asked to collaborate with a lovely company called Prairie Charms and design my very own charm bracelet set. Now i don't know about you, but i'm obsessed with charm bracelets and i already own a few Prairie bracelets before i embarked on this little project! What i love about the bracelets is they are all handmade by a lovely lady called Stephanie and part of the proceeds goes to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. You may remember also that i wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago on the bracelets that i purchased and a little review which you can read HERE. 

When i submitted my design to Stephanie i had a vision in mind and that vision was to create a set of bracelets that were ultra girly. I love my pink and anything that's cute, i'm a sucker for and i really wanted to reflect this in my design. I chose a heart, key and cat as my charms, the reasons being i adore cats and i love anything with a little kitty charm on and most of my cat lover friends do too. The key i chose because for me it represents a new chapter in my life and the key symbolises me opening a new door to my new chapter and the heart because it symbolises love and love has played a big part of my new chapter in life. So even though all the charms are cute and girly, they still hold a deeper meaning.

I'm so pleased with how the bracelets turned out! Its easy to imagine what you want something to look like but it's not until you see the product for real, that you can really see if your imagination has paid off or not! I think these little bracelets  will make great stocking fillers for Christmas especially for all those girly girls out there or those with young daughters and sisters!

The best news of all,  is that i get to offer all you lovely followers a massive 50% off the set or each bracelet individually. On the site the RRP is £5.00 per bracelet but with your discount that means you will only have to pay £2.50 per bracelet. Bargain huh! 

If you fancy purchasing one of the Sweet Candy Couture Bracelets then all you need to do is follow the link below the photo and when you checkout state which design you would like and how many and then enter the coupon code in. Easy peasy!

I really hope you like the designs as much as i do and please give me feedback if you do decide to go ahead and treat yourself to one of the bracelets. I'd absolutely love to see photos of you wearing it, that would really make my day!

Lots of Luv
Holly xxx

Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie by Holly - product images  of
You can purchase the Sweet Candy Couture Set HERE for £5.00 each + £2.50 P&P
Enter COSJUNKIE50 at checkout to receive 50% off !
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Jamaica Flag Inspired Makeup Look


Hi ladies!

It's been a while since i did a makeup post so here i am with a .. makeup post! Sorry it's taken so long to get one up, i don't seem to be wearing so much of it these days! 

So the look below is one i created while i was away and it was inspired by the Jamaican Flag. I wore this look on JA Independence Day along with a bright yellow dress! I don't often get to wear super bright eye makeup so i really enjoyed wearing these colours. Yellows and greens work really well with green eyes or brown eyes. I have green eyes with  brown mixed in and this look really brought the green out in them :)

Hope you ladies like! :) 

Holly xxx

Products Used


Soap & Glory Concealer
Bobbi Brown Mositure Rich Foundation in 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Mac Blusher in Peach


NYX Eye Base
Mac Pigment in Golden Lemon
Sleek Divine Acid Palette - colours used were the neon green and black
Soap & Glory Kohl Pencil
Kiko Mascara


Mac Lippy in Creme Cup
Mac Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Fuji Pink
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