Blog Makeover! Welcome to My Pink Pyjamas



So you may or may not have noticed that i have been off line for a few days! And now you can see why, because for a while now i have been thinking about changing the look of my blog and re-naming it.

I decided to re-brand my blog  (formerly Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie) on its 6 month anniversary, as i felt the direction of the content was changing. Instead of it just being a beauty blog,  I wanted to create something  that was also personal to me so i could document all the little snippets of my life here and there and i wanted something that could grow with me rather than me outgrow it. As i approach my 30's, i have so many things to look forward to such as re-marrying and starting a little family of my own and so re-branding means i can include all of these lovely things into my blog and also means i will never run out of things to write about!

The idea behind the name Pink Pyjamas was actually an idea of my partner's. He suddenly came out with it one rainy Sunday while we were watching a double of Come Dine With Me and i was, of course in my pink Pjs like i usually am most nights and most lazy Sundays :) I looked at him strangely and said the words to myself. I like it i thought! It suits me down to a T! And so the name My Pink Pyjamas was born! I have turned my blog into a sort of Pyjama Party/Sleepover and it's an open invite, so please come on in and join  the fun! :)

Note: The new URL is currently being re-directed to so both links can currently be used. I will remove the old URL on 1st November 2012. 

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