Fizzy Lime Nails by La Colors Nail Polish

Hi Guys

Lately  i've really been getting back into wearing my nail polishes. I go through phases where i won't wear nail polish for ages and then suddenly i'll have an urge to wear all sorts of colours under the sun :) Since i have been using my Lush Lemony Flutter, my nails have gotten really strong and i have been able to grow them longer than normal which is great! It's taken a few months but now i'm finally there i think whoo hoo!

So, anyway as i was in Westfield Shopping Centre last week, i popped into a shop called Beauty Base and in there they sell all the LA Colors Nail Polish range. Now i love this brand, all their polishes are 99p each! You would think that for such a low price, that the polish would be really bad quality but to be honest this brand challenges some of the luxury brands i used to wear and i love how big the bottles are, they are very similar to the OPI bottles. The amount of colours they do is just crazy, i mean every colour under the sun is there. The good thing is you can be really experimental with the colours as they are so affordable and because of this i decided on buying this lime green colour which i thought was a little different!

Now with this colour i did have to use three coats to get the vibrancy of the green to come out but not all the colours in their range need this many coats, some of the colours i have only need one coat. If you love your glitter polishes, this is by far my favourite brand. I get through a lot of glitter polish, i love it so i don't feel so guilty plying it on my nails as it's only 99p a bottle. I decided to apply some glitter over the lime green to give it that fizzy factor :)

What do you think? And have you ever tried LA Colors? 

Luv Holly xx

La Colors Color Craze Nail Polish 99p per bottle
Colours - Current and Sassy Sparkle

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