Girl Crush: Michelle Keegan


Just how gorgeous is Michelle Keegan? I love her, i think she is one stunning lady :) I didn't really know much about her until i started watching Corrie a bit more ( my boyfriend watches it all the time so i had no choice haha) and i remember thinking that out of the whole cast, she stuck out the most. She has a natural sultry/exotic look about her which is just lovely, it's no wonder the quarter Spanish beauty has been voted sexiest woman at the British Soap Awards 3 times! My goal is to try and grow my hair long like hers but i'm not sure i will achieve that given i have no patience and i get bored so quick haha! Perhaps i need to stick a picture of Michelle Keegan on my fridge for motivation? What do you think? haha!

Who are your girl crushes?

Luv Holly xxx

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