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Hi Ladies

So i'm back with another nail post wahey! My nails are still staying strong and as you know, i am making the most of them until they go back to their old flaky selves boohoo! I'm not sure if it's the Lush Lemony Flutter or the fact i'm taking folic acid vitamins every day but seems to be working for me!

Anyhoo, i've always been really into Glitter Gradient nails and i saw a post on Sprinkle of Glitter's blog which is one of my favourite all rounder blogs, and she had done a post on there about gradient glitter nails so i decided to give it a go myself. I have to say the photos don't do them a lot of justice, the gold is a LOT more sparkly in person :) I decided to go for Gold as i have been wearing a lot of vibrant  colours lately and wanted something a little more toned down this time. 

For this look i used my trusty LA Color polishes coupled with an OPI Gold glitter polish i had from an older collection. First i applied the LA Colors polish in Goddess which is a very sheer gold sparkle polish with a tiny round foil like circles which reflect the light. Next i dip my brush into the OPI polish in Bring the Bling and coated the nail tip and then brought it down to the second third of my nail. Be very sparing with the glitter as you bring it down the nail. Next i put another coat of Goddess and finally for the top coat i used my favourite LA Colors polish in Sassy Sparkle :)

The last post i showed you my Fizzy Lime Nails, all LA Colors and i'm excited to say that the nails lasted a whole week! That's how impressed i am with this brand, and at only 99p per bottle, you can't complain!

What do you think?

Luv Holly xxx

La Colors & OPI left to right - Goddess, Bring the Bling and Sassy Sparkle
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