Introducing Danni from Mac

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Hey ladies

Yes, it's Monday again boo! But it's over and done with now thankfully and now i am home and snuggled up on my sofa, i can get on with some more blogging! Always a good thing i thinks and the thing i look forward to the most on a dreary Monday :)

So today i wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the blogosphere. She is quite new to the whole blogging thing and doesn't yet have a blog page set up but she does however have a fabulouso facebook page set up and was launched just today.

Her name is Danni and she is a super talented Mac makeup artist. She has worked for Mac for over 5 years and works as a freelance artist in her spare time. Her page has been set up to show you ladies all the tips and tricks of the Mac trade and she is available to answer any of your questions. 

 She has some amazing photos on there ranging from wedding/neutral looks to dramatic so please do check out her page and ask her what her fave makeup tips are and stay tuned for her blog which hopefully will be launching in the near future :) 

Click here for Danni's Facebook Page -

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