My October Wish List


Hey !

It's a Saturday night and i'm in for the whole weekend with a lovely cold! Fabulous. Trust me to get it over the weekend. But i guess it's better than having it in the week and then feeling a little bad for having to call in sick. Not that i should feel bad, but a little part of me always does even though i work in Human Resources. Never mind eh!

So today's post is the first of my monthly wishlists! I will never be able to afford everything in the list in one whole month, but it's still nice to look over this post every now and then and dream ................

Ooops, off i go again! Better get on with the post then ..! :)

Grey Ugg Boots -  Ahhh boy, do i want these boots! I already own my black cardy boots which have been my trusty sidekick over the past year but i really want to get the original boots with the sheepskin lining, in grey. I definitely have to get these without fail before December!

Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter in Coco Beach - I have never owned any cosmetics from this company before except a lovely candle in a tin my bestie bought me last Christmas. I'm a massive fan of Lush and i heard this company is very similar. So i think i may pop online tommorow and do some Bomb shopping!

Icing Gun from Next - I instantly fell in love with this little icing gun set from Next. From time to time i like to spend my evenings baking cupcakes and haven't yet mastered the whole 'buttercream in a big swirl effect'. I think this gun would solve all my buttercream issues hehe!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara - I used to work for Lancome and this mascara was the number 1 selling product. I am doing a friend's bridal makeup in 2 weeks and this is on my list. It will be in Waterproof of course :) 

Yankee Candle in Spiced Orange - Ahhhh how i love love love the Yankee Candle! I had a set of two last Christmas in the large jars and they lasted about 3 months. My home was scented beautifully! I came across this one on their site - Spiced Orange. I think this would be the perfect scent for Autumn :)

Lantern Novelty String Lights - I'm a big sucker for novelty lights. I love how they create different lighting effects. The company that makes these lights is called Blaze On and i stumbled across them one day when wandering through Camden Market. I then discovered they were online and the rest is history. They do so many different types of lighting as well as homemade candles and other lovely homemade things. The best thing as well, is all the products are ethical. See Blaze-On.Com for more info!

That's about it for October. I know i will definately buy the Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter and myself and Mark will buy the lights for our little home to make it even more cosy during the dark evenings. Oh and the mascara, or i will have to deal with a very unhappy Bride, and i definitely don't want that! hehe!

What's on your wish list for this coming month?


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