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Hello Blogettes!
Today i bring to you a LOTD post which i have never done before i don't think and since i went on a little spree today and spent waaay too much money (oops!) i thought it only right to share it with you!

So everyone has been talking about how they cant wait to get into their baggy jumpers come Winter and i for one, am one of those people. There;'s nothing better  than snuggling up in a warm jumper in front of the fire ( if you have a fire) and TV on a cold winter's evening. I particularly like to wear long jumpers that i can wear with leggings and dare i say it, my leg warmers. Yes i have had an obsession with leg warmers since i moved to London 3 years ago. They make me who i am and i love that bit of quirkiness they give me. 
So anyway, today as i was wondering through Westfield on my way to buy some food shopping, i couldn't resist stopping off in H&M and finding some winter bits and pieces. I stumbled across this cream chunky knit cardy and i had to have it. I don't own anything like this, so i thought it would be nice to add it to my wardrobe. I love how thick it is and how i can wrap it round me. It's still warm enough to wear it with a vest top underneath which gives it that nice casual look. I also picked up some pink jeans which i have wanted to get since the Summer but couldn't find any and even though they're probably more a summery colour, i don't care coz i love them :) I think they will look so nice with my grey Ugg boots, once i get them that is! These jeans believe it or not are a size 16. Their jean sizes are reallly odd as I'm actually a 12-14 below. Do any of you find their sizings a bit strange or is it just me with a weird body shape? Haha! I also bought a lovely black tunic as well for work which i will do a separate post on, as that's more of an office outfit but i'm really pleased with it and can't wait to wear it next week with my leggings and black ankle boots!

Oh and also please ignore the dodgy hair extensions in the left photo, they look crap, i hadn't put them all in at this point. Bit of a school girl error but never mind eh!

Right, i'm off to make Thai Green curry for din dins.. maybe i'll share the recipe soon!

H&M Chunky Knit Cream Cardy - £19.99
H&M Baby Pink Skinny Jeans - £14.99
H&M Pink & White Vest Top ( last season) £4.99

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