iheart Instagram!! #1


Hey Peeps!

Lately i've been lovin Instagram. Who doesn't!? I don't own an Iphone but i do have an Ipod Touch which means i always have to take the photos on my Blackberry and then send them to my Ipod Touch so i can have a play  around with them on Picfx. I really wish i could just whip out my phone and take a photo and then instantly post to Instagram but sadly that's not to be, well not until i can upgrade my phone anyway :)

So, because i'm loving this little app so much, i have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start doing Instagram Diaries. I know everyone is doing them but i think it's a great idea and i love reading other people's picture posts, but only coz i'm so nosy, i like to see what other people have been up to. It's also nice to document your life here and there sometimes so it's as much a personal thing to me as it is a post to share with all you lovely ladies and fellas if any fellas read my blog that is!

So here we are my first little instagram diary post ever :) xxx

1. I love Pret A Manger, it's my new obsession, especially their bakewell tarts, can't get enough of 'em
2. Myself and a friend popped to our local gym round the corner from the office. They are currently doing a deal, £10.99 a month, all inclusive. Not bad for somebody limited with their pennies eh!
3. I was bored and waiting for my tube after finishin work. This is my journey back home in Stratford every day .. yawn!
4. It's now too chilly for flats but not cold enough for Uggs just yet, so i have dug out my little brown boots from their dusty home on the shoe rack :)
5. Yes, it's the return of the Red Duffle Coat. Again this is my Autumn coat. I love it, even if i do get called Little Red Riding Hood by random strangers on the tube!
6. Candles!!! I love candles,especially Yankee Candles. I shall be doing a post of them soon. Here i have a Bomb Cosmetics candle, a Yankee candle and a Glad candle...mmmmm!
7. My latest perfume acquisition - Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose. It's extremely sweet, it smells of a bowl of sweet berries and currants. I like :)
8. Myself and my bestie Sarah went shopping in Westfield Stratford this weekend. Whilst she toddled off to get us some tea and cake, i sneakily took this hehe! Lovely shop, i have never been in here, but they have some gorgeous underwear and the customer service was very good too! Sarah if u are reading this which u probably are, i would like a comment ;D
9. Myself and my partner Mark, went out last night for a  meal at The Mint Leaf in Picadilly Circus. It was such a lovely evening, i feel very lucky to have somebody like him in my life!

Luv Holly xxx
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