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What's up lovelies!

Sorry i haven't been about for a few days, needed a few evenings of rest away from my laptop and also i have been getting ready for our weekend away in Birmingham. We are off to Mark's best friend's wedding where he will be Best Man and i will be doing the gorgeous bride's bridal makeup! I'm soo excited, i love a good English wedding don't you! :)

So here is my week in piccies. It was meant to be posted on Monday but hey ho, life takes over as usual!

Enjoy! xx

1. Cake!!!! This was actually taken a couple of weeks back and i found it and couldn't resist putting it into my little collage! My office held a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. A few of the girls who organised it happen to be very keen bakers and brought an array of delicious treats in for us all.  Here i have a Red Velvet and a chocolate and banana cupcake. Yummy!

2.  I just love this little tea light holder, it's emits a beautiful glow and makes everything look so cosy. It was actually bought last Christmas when i went to Berlin with Mark for my 29th Birthday. I really wish i had picked up two now darn it :) I usually place it on our hearth as we have a little gas fire in our flat which is a godsend in the colder days/nights!

3. Man i was sooo poorly a week back. I thought i might escape the dreaded cold bug that was going around but nooooo. Not me. I was  ok then bam, i woke up on a Saturday full of cold and it left me really wiped out. As you can see my decongestant tablets, strepsils, tissues and tea kept me going :)

4 & 5. Pay day!! So off i went to Primarney and did a little haul which i was going to do a Haul Video on but my camera is so crap at taking movies that i gave up. I love Primark for it's bargains and i have come away with some really good things that have lasted me well! I bought these black ankle boots for work and i'm hoping they last as long as my other Primark boots which is about a year now. Not bad for a tenner!

6. I was in Waitrose, trying to decide on what dessert to buy. There was so much to choose from, i just couldn't seem to make my mind up haha! In the end i went for the Caramel Sundae and the Strawberry Sundae.

7. I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford, London) and last week i popped in after work to get a few bits and then meet Mark to go to Pizza Express. I took a photo of Links of London. I have two more charms to get for my bracelet and sometimes i wander by and take a look at what they have so i can add them to my wish lists :)

8.  Ahhhh my godsend at work. My mini hot water bottle and my mug :) I have been suffering quite a lot lately with IBS and this little bottle helps soo much. My manager actually bought it for me along with one for herself and they were purchased from Amazon for about £6.00 each.

9. I took this on Sunday. It's not often i wear my hair extensions but as i got my hair cut on Sat with a Wahanda voucher, i decided to see what they looked like. I had some shorter layers cut in, which i love and i found my extensions blended in better with them. The extensions are the Foxylocks in 160grams. You can see a review of my Foxylocks here!

And that's about it! What did you lovely ladies get up to?

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