New Hop on the Block - Welcome to the Lazy Sunday Pyjama Hops!

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Good Afternoon Bloggettes ( yes it's my new word .. don't ask!)

You may or may not have noticed on Twitter that i am starting a brand new Blog Hop starting this Sunday for Lifestyle Bloggers or for bloggers who post lifestyle content and need some blog lovin' in their lives!

I got the idea when i was chatting to others on the #lbloggers chat last Sunday and it was all agreed that Lifestyle Blogs don't get as much limelight as perhaps the Beauty and Fashion Blog Posts do. Having migrated from a purely Beauty Blog, to Life and Beauty, i felt it would be great to give the LBloggers a bit of a promo amongst the blogosphere.

I have no idea if this blog hop will be successful, but i kinda thought it was worth a shot and something to get my pearly whites stuck into. I am little scared that i'll wake up Sunday and something technical has gone horribly wrong with the linky widget. I hope it all works ok eeek!

Anyways, stay posted guys, i have created a page tab above which will direct you to all the hops. I really hope this is something i can do every week, so it's just a question of getting it out there and recognised!

Wish me luck!!! :)

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