Our Wedding Weekend in Brum

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Well hello there!

Wow, i haven't written a post for what seems like agggeees! So first of all, sorry! Life has taken over as usual and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the evening for everything! So anyways, this weekend we went to a wedding up in Birmingham. Mark was Best Man and i did the Bridal Makeup. It's not often i get opportunities to do freelance makeup since i left the industry so of course i jumped when i heard our friends were getting married and i offered to do the makeup as a wedding present.

I got up early Saturday morning and had to be ready by 10am. It felt wrong getting myself all dolled up so early in the day but i had to get myself sorted before being picked up to go to the Bride's house to do the makeup. I had a couple of dilemmas, one being i'd forgotten my foundation. I mean, what a stupid thing to forget, who forgets their foundation when they go to a wedding lol! I guess i was so worried making sure i didnt forget the bride's makeup, that i forgot to bring all of mine! It was ok though, as i just improvised and used concealer where i needed it and all was ok :)

I got to the Bride's house ( her name is Liz) and was expecting everyone to be running around like headless chickens but actually everyone seemed quite calm. I quickly got down to doing Liz's makeup and making her up to be the beautiful bride she was. There's always a lot of pressure when it comes to Bridal Makeup as you want to make sure that A. the bride is happy and B. the makeup will last all day and look good in the pictures. Luckily Liz loved the makeup and it was still sat nicely on her face come 10pm and i only had to touch her up once during the whole day. I took a before and after photo for you guys to see. I am waiting for the photographer to get back to me as i have asked for a couple of portrait photos to post on here and then i can do a tutorial on how i did it and the products i used.



Here are a few more photos i took with my camera of the happy couple. 

Of course it goes without saying that i wanted some piccies taken of myself and Mark, especially as i never get to wear a dress these days unless there is a special occasion luming! I managed to purchase this little purple number from Asos a week before and i was so pleased at how well it fitted :) Yay! 

All in all, it was a lovely weekend! Very busy but fun at the same time! I cant wait to get hold of the professional photos so i can post my wedding makeup tutorial, so stay posted for that! You can however also view them on the photographer's blog now. Just visit  Sally Wood Photography

Byeee! xxx

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