The Lazy Sunday Pyjama Hop #1

Hello there!

Welcome to my first ever blog hop dedicated to Lifestyle Bloggers! I decided to set up this weekly hop to spread the lifestyle blog love and get lifestyle blogs out there a bit more. I have no idea if this blog hop will be successful or not and so it's kinda like my little project that i'm dabbling with.

If you have never heard of a hop and wondering what an earth it is, well it's basically a page where everybody submit's their blog links every week and people then visit and hop through each link until they find blogs they want to follow. The bigger the hop, the more chance of gaining new followers and the more blogs you will find to add to your reading list :)

Beauty and Fashion Bloggers who post lifestyle content are most welcome to join in on the hop too, afterall this is a PJ party and everyone is invited :)

 The Rules of the PJ Hop

  1. There are none! Well not really. All i ask is you follow at least one other blogger from the hop, let them know you found them through the Pyjama Hop and mention the hop on twitter or as a blog post. This will help to spread the word of the blog round other fellow lifestyle blogettes :) 
  2. Optional - Feel free to follow,  grab my button on the left sidebar if you fancy joining the hop again next week or leave a comment below, if you so wish!
That's it :) Nice and fuss free. Just want you want on a Lazy Sunday eh!

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