After 1 whole year, i'm back! AND I had a baby!!

Well hello there strangers!

What can I say except to say yes i'm back and i'm back blogging after a whole year ( I can't believe it's been that long) I'm soo sorry I have been away so long and I expect many of you have probably forgotten me by now lol, I mean a year is a looong time not to write anything right?! But I am back for good and I have a new partner in crime to help me with my posts! Yes, in the year that i have been away from the blogging scene I was baking a beautiful scrumptious mini me and she finally arrived 19th August of this year! Her name is Jasmine  and she is now 3 and a half months old and the time has finally arrived for her to give Mummy back some 'me' time so she can get cracking on her blog posts, yay!!!

Because life is so different now, this means the content of my blog will also include a lot of lifestyle posts, day to day chit chat and last but not least, baby related posts. But dont worry, im not about to turn into a mummy blogger just yet! I still love my cosmetics and hauls and although money is tight now I am just on maternity pay, doesn't mean I will stop hauls. There are some fantastic bargains to be found and I am fortunate enough to have a Primark nearby for baby things and a Wilkinsons for home decor. Happy Days!!

I also hope to begin doing You Tube videos again, but I just need to sort out my lighting and get a tripod for my camera. It's a bit daunting doing videos and its been so long since I did them but I figured I'd try it again, why not eh! Nothing to lose and if it doesn't work out, well at least I had fun trying :)

So with all that in mind, I shall leave you now with some photos from the last 12 months taken throughout my pregnancy and a photo of my little Jasmine :)

Looking forward to reading through all your wonderful blogs again and get chatting with you all!

Lots of Love

Holly x

12 Week Scan

40 Weeks Pregnant

Being Induced at 41 Weeks

Jasmine at 1 month old

Jasmine at around 2 months

Look at that smile!

Family Pic taken last week!

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