Black Friday Sale - Coastal Scents Makeup Haul

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Hey guys!

So who took advantage of the Black Friday online sales here in the Uk? I definitely did! Who can resist a good bargain eh!?

So, for a while now I have been meaning to purchase a Kabuki Brush after losing my beloved Mac Brush which to this day, I cannot find. I had a great relationship with that brush after having it for 5 years and was sorry to see it go :( 

Anyway, USA based company Coastal Scents sent me an email offering 50% off their whole stock for Black Friday Weekend and naturally I was curious to see what they had in  the way of Kabuki Brushes. I have only ever ordered from this company once and that was their 88 colour palette which I ordered back in 2008. Their eyeshadows are amazing quality for the price you pay and because everything was 50% off, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out some of their other items. 

And so, I clicked on the brush section and there I saw the cutest looking Kabuki Brush in Pink. I opted for the synthetic brush as I already own a natural Kabuki brush and I personally prefer the synthetic because of how soft it feels on my skin. I also purchased their 12 piece brush set as I have had my eye on this for a while. Its perfect for makeup artists on the go as it has every brush you need. You can view the brush set HERE. It comes with a mix of sythetic and natural brushes and again, are great quality.

Of course I couldn't check out without browsing through the Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Palettes. They do so many now and It was so hard to pick just one, but in the end I opted for the Winterberry Palette as the colours were lovely and satiny and are the perfect shades for Christmas and New Year! This palette is also great if you want to customize it because you can remove the eyeshadow pans and refill. It's very similar to the Mac Palettes in fact and the pans are the same size as the Mac Refillables. I also chose a couple of pots of glitter and a pot of white mineral pigment to go with the shadows (I'm a sucker for anything glitter) and finally a pink lipgloss! 

I did a quick makeup look last night with the products and went off out to do some Christmas Shopping. The eyeshadow lasted all evening with not a single crease. These shadows really are amazing quality! I loved the Kabuki Brush, so so soft and densely packed to ensure a nice even coverage of powder. And the gloss is a lovely pink but quite sheer on my lips. I think on a fair skin tone, this gloss would come off more pinky. It's non sticky too which is great and again lasted well.

Altogether I spent $27.36 (£16.74) on the products and an International Postage cost of $24.37 (£14.91).

Usually this little lot would have cost just over £30.00 which to be honest for the quality you recieve, is still a bargain!

If you haven't yet had a chance to try out Coastal Scents Makeup, then take a look at their website. All their products are formulated (where possible) without the use of petrochemicals. And what's more they still have their sale on so a lot of their products are still half price!     Coastal Scents Sale

Lots of Love
Holly xxx

Pink Kabuki - $4.95

Winterberry Palette - $12.95

Glitter Pots 5grams - $4.95
Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow - $4.95
Swatches - Bottom colour corresponds to top left colour of palette and works across left to right.
Left Arm - Without Flash Right Arm - With Flash

Smacks Lip Gloss in Monroe a Go Go - $3.95
After 4 hours of wear, eyeshadows still look as if just applied.
Also wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, Soap & Glory Concealer, Mac Mineralize SkinFinish & Bobbi Brown Blush.

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