Everybody Loves a Lush Haul

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Hey guys

So who doesnt love a Lush haul? I know I do and especially at Christmas when they bring out all their lovely Christmassy Scented Bath Ballistics, Shower Gels and Soap... Yummy...

As you can see, I popped in there the other day to pick up a gift set for my mum in law and couldn't resist picking up myself a few bits! I always make it a tradition to buy the Snow Cake Soap and their Limited Edition Shower Gel and thought while I was there I may as well grab a few ballistics as well! Oh and I sneaked in a hair conditioner too .. Oopsey! 

First thing I picked up was of course the Snow Cake Soap. I just love this and always look forward to it coming out. It smells of Marzipan and leaves a gorgeous scent in the bathroom after washing your hands. I also find it's quite moisturising as well and I've been known to use it in the shower :)

Next thing I chose was the Ponche Shower Gel. Now, I wasn't too sure if I liked it or not at first. I stood there for ages sniffing it, the sales girls must have thought I was trying to get high or something lol! It is a mix of orange and tequila so quite a spicy scent and I think it's a love it or hate it kind of smell. I used it last night and I have to say it's actually very nice! Reminds me of orange wine gums. Mark nicked some and he loves it, which means I may have to buy a bigger size. I usually stay safe and buy Snow Fairy but I wanted to try something different this time and I'm so glad I did!

I then popped three ballistics into my basket - Twilight which is one of my all time faves as it smells gorge and starts off pink then turns into blue and you end up bathing in blue water. And Cinders and Bombardino. I haven't tried the Bombardino yet but Cinders I have and is another one I buy every year. Both smell very festive and I'm looking forward to relaxing in the bath with these after Jasmine has gone to bed. 

Lastly, I grabbed an American Cream Hair Conditioner. I adore this! It smells as though you want to eat it, it's very sweet  and what I love most, is the scent stays in your hair for ages. The scent is honey, strawberry and orange. My pillow always ends up smelling of it as well! Since I've had my hair cut into a pixie cut, I have been able to experiment more with hair products as I only have to use a small amount and I don't need to buy products specifically for damaged and long hair anymore. Because this product is lanolin based, I always find that It leaves my hair oh so soft which is want you need from a conditioner!  It doesn't weigh your hair down either so it can be used on fine hair too!
American Cream Conditioner - £4.50 for 100g
Ponche Shower Gel - £4.30
Cinders Bath Ballistic - £2.45
Bombardino Ballistic - £2.50
Twilight Ballistic - £3.25
Snow Cake Soap - £3.25 for 100g

What are your favourite Lush goodies?

Love Holly xx
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