My Birthday & Reflecting My Life After 30

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So just a quickie post while I'm on the train home to Stratford! (Don't u just love being able to blog on the move!) 

So yesterday was my birthday. I was 31...  Groan.... The years are just flying by at the moment! But even though I'm 31, life is so much more fulfilling and fun now! I am a mew mum, I have a fab boyfriend who is an amazing father to my daughter who one day will be my hubby. Life in your thirties is great and don't let anyone tell u otherwise! ;) 

In my twenties, I made some mistakes. I married my first boyfriend who I met at 17 at the age of 21 ( we were deeply religious you see) and then split at 25 and divorced finally at 29. Without saying too much, alcohol dependency  was involved and depression amongst other things on my husbands part and for a naive and inexperienced 21/22 year old that's a lot to deal with no matter how much you try to hold things together.  At 25 i decided I had to call time and I started my life again from scratch.  Moved back to my dads and began to mend. The summer after, I moved to London on my tod from my small country town in Sussex and haven't looked back! Met Mark and the rest as they say is History and I've never been happier.

I believe your twenties are there for making mistakes and learning who you are as a person. I have to say 25 was a big milestone. I found my calling for beauty and makeup artistry and really found myself. My confidence grew and I think that was when I found the courage to admit I was living a lie and not being true to myself. Walking away from a marriage u really believed was the right thing, putting having a family on hold and leaving the home I had built up over 6 years, was the hardest decision I have ever made but it's also made me a stronger person and a wiser person. I am now with the perfect man and can't wait to remarry as this time it will be on our terms and not because I am being told is the right thing to do by a religious organization. It will be because that's what we truly want in our hearts.

I had to go through all that in my twenties and kiss some frogs after my marriage in order to be happy now. I think what I'm trying to say is when you see somebody happy it's easy to feel jealous or envious as they seem like they have everything. But stop and think that that person may have had to go through some really hard and unhappy times to get to their happy place. They may have been unhappy for years and may deserve some happiness finally. 

A lot of you may be on your twenties and still finding your true self or may be struggling in a relationship and it might feel things will never get better. I just want to say, things do get better. Not straightaway maybe but they will. And it will be so worth the wait :)

I love being in my thirties now. If you had said to me at 26, that I'd be living in London with a baby of my own that I thought I'd never have and be with a man that treats me so well, I'd never have believed you! I'd have scoffed and gone yeah right, maybe in a fairytale!

But it happened and it will happen for you too if you are in a place where you would rather not be.

Anyways! I'm not sure where this post came from, i just felt I wanted to write it and open up the girl behind the smiles and makeup. 

The train is pulling into Stratford now so I had better bring my post to a close but thanku for reading until the end and I hope it has given some of you hope for the future :) I will leave u with some photos now to lighten the post! 

With love
Holly x

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