My year in photos

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Can you actually believe that today is the last day of 2013 and tommorow is the start of a brand new year! For me I have been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing over the past few days. 2013 for me was the year my life totally changed when i became a mother. It's the biggest and most overwhelming thing, but amazing and so fulfilling at the same time. I had a difficult pregnancy throughout the whole 9 months and complicated labour and at the time I swore that was it, no more babies but it's true what mums say, once you have a baby and see them grow, you forget all the bad things and you start wanting to go through the whole thing again lol! I must be insane but when I look at my little girl it really was worth it all as in my eyes she turned out perfect and I wouldn't change her for the world!

So with all the reflecting, I thought I'd put together a little Instagram montage thing of 2013! The first box is my pregnancy montage and the second box are some of my fave snaps of this year. There were so many and I'd liked to have put them all up but sadly I was limited to 9 photos per frame :( So, here goes.....!

1. This was our first scan at 12 weeks and was such an incredible feeling seeing our baby on the screen for the first time.
2. Taken around 23 weeks. We were on our way to meet friends for a meal and it was the first time in my pregnancy I was able to eat out.
3. A bump selfie! I think I was around 28 weeks.
4. This was taken at my best friends 30th. I was 30 weeks here.
5. One of my other best friends actually took this shot of me on her dslr. It's such a special photo and I have a print of it above my dresser :)
6. This was during the heat wave! I was 36 weeks here and we went for a little walk along the canal where we live. I look tiny in this photo but to the side my bump is quite big. 
7. My 38/39 week bump shot. We had just finished decorating the corner of our room for the baby.
8. The big 40 week shot. Jasmine didn't want to come out! Weather was still stifling and our flat was over 40 degrees! 
9. The induction! I was 41 weeks + 5 days and had to be induced. This is me trying to put on a brave face, all strapped up just before being admitted to the delivery room for further monitoring. 

1. Baby Jasmine arrived healthy and happy weighing in at 7ibs3oz after 14 hours of labour. 
2. Rewinding back to the winter with our first snowfall. This was taken from my front window.
3. I knocked up this yummy Chicken Caeser Salad whilst on maternity leave and it was soo good.  I'm going to make it again and get back into healthy eating. I use this photo for inspiration!
4 & 5. This was taken on my birthday. It was the first time Mark and I had been out since Jasmine was born. It was great to have a date night again and of course drink! ;)
6. My bestie Rachel and I! She came to visit me the weekend after my birthday and we went out for a pizza and cocktails. It had been well over a year since my last girly night! :)
7. Ahhh my Yankee Candle! Couldn't not post this haha! I bought this one for Christmas. It's Burnt Orange scent and it's gorgeous! 
8 & 9. It's Christmas!! I was so blummin excited for Crimbo this year and had a lot of making up to do as last year I was in bed Ill with preggo sickness and crippling headaches. I certainly went all out this year and enjoyed myself to the max! Here is Jasmine in her reindeer onesie. She looked so adorable in it! I'm going to keep it as a keepsake for her when she is older!

That's it folks! That's my year!
I'd love to see some of your year in photos so please leave any links below for me to read!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and have fun with whatever you are doing! Catch you guys in 2014!

Love Holly xx
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