New Camera! Nikon Coolpix S6500


Hello there bloggers! I hope you have all had lovely weekends and are looking forward to the New Year! Although I am slightly depressed at the thought of taking down my beloved Christmas Tree which I have to confess is my pride and joy, part of me is excited at the prospect of 2014 and what it has to offer! My little girl is growing so fast and by the end of 2014 she will no longer be a baby, but a toddler .. sigh ... they grow up so quick don't they! ...

Anyway, that aside! I have been having a nosy at all your Christmas Posts and what you all received this year from Santa and I thought i'd do my own little post featuring my best pressie which my man got me this year and that was the Nikon Coolpix S6500. Now, i'm certainly no photographer, never did any courses or anything like that and so it seemed a bit silly to be going out and getting a DSLR camera just for the sake of blogging ( as curious as i am to own one). For me blogging is my hobby i like to do once Jasmine is in bed and I have some time to myself and so I don't need an expensive camera. This is what I kept telling myself anyway and Mark must have got so fedup of me going on and on about cameras and blogging ect that he went out and bought me my very own Compact!

It was a complete surprise, I had no idea he was getting me a camera so when I opened the present on Christmas Morning, you could say I was one very happy bunny :) I am still getting to grips with it and playing around with the settings but for me the most important thing was the Macro setting as with blogging, my main photos are all close ups and I always envy other bloggers who have amazing sharp up close shots of products where the background is out of focus. I think its called using a wide Aperture... haha i'm so not technical with cameras, can you tell?! As this camera is not a DSLR it is very limited on what it can do, but I did some experimenting the other day and so far I'm really pleased with it and it does what I need it to.

The one thing I love is it's built in WIFI. This is a great little feature as it means you can upload your camera photos to another device such as your phone or tablet. No need for connecting to a laptop if you are in a hurry and as you can edit your photos on the camera using their many filters, it makes it quick an easy if you are blogging on the go and don't have your laptop with you! You can also take photos remotely using your device, which is quite scary and very big brother as you can set up your camera in another room and use your device to hone in on the viewfinder and then take a photo! 

Another thing I am impressed with, is its ability to take great photos in low lighting. Now we all know that lighting is always an issue especially at this time of year but with this little gem, I can take great quality photos in low light without having to use my studio lighting. Happy days! The photos I have posted here were all used without flash too.

I can't wait to get using the camera properly for my blogging and test it to the max! One of my NYR is to get out and about a  bit more and take blogging photos outside, so now I have a good excuse.

What cameras do you use for blogging?

Love Holly xx

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