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Hello folks!

Yesterday I completed my days intensive training for my level 1 Sienna X Spray Tanning. It was held at Saks Academy in London and was actually free as it came included with the Tanning Kit which consisted of the Pop Up Tent, True Spray machine, the gun, the wheelie case and all the sundries and marketing bumpf.

At the end of the course you then obtained an accredited certificate in Sienna X Sunless Tanning which means you are then able to perform it on the public insured. 

The day started off with a bit of theory and an overview of the products that Sienna X retails and the trainer showed us how to maintain the spray gun and machine so as to ensure good performance. The last thing you want is for your spray gun to stop working mid tan! She also made us have a few goes at collapsing the big pop up tent. That was a giggle I can tell you! After lunch we went onto do the fun part - spraying!! We began practicing by using just water before going onto spraying each other with tan. I was expecting it to be quite complex with lots of movements but actually it was really easy and so much fun! 

One of the main reasons I chose to train with Sienna X is because their products are paraben, alcohol and cruelty free and being a huge advocate of au naturel products, this really appealed to me! They are now the leading brand in professional sunless tanning with a high media profile and very much demanded by it's clients. Ontop of all this, they have won Best Tanning Supplier at the Guild Awards of Excellence 5 years in a row! I would have been mad to train with any other brand!

I must admit I was slightly nervous about being tanned. I have never had a spray tan as I'm lucky in that I have olive skin already and the idea of spray tans always conjure up images of people with tangoed skin. But I had no need to worry as we used the solution with the lowest percentage of DHA (dha is the sugar which reacts with the amino acids in our skin along with oxygen, turning our skin brown) The higher the DHA the darker you will go BUT only if you use the correct amount of DHA for your skin type. Sienna do an 8%, 10%, 12% and 16%. They also do a 6% and an 8.5 and a 10.5 which are for dryer or more mature skins as they are more moisturising. For training purposes we used the 8% which is recommended for fair skin that burns easily. Because I am olive and burn minimally,  I would be able to use the 10 or even 12%. If a fair person who doesn't tan easily used a high dha, that's when the tango effect would occur because their skin doesn't naturally tan in the sun and so the reaction would be an orange looking tan.

With all spray tans you are left with the guide colour on until you wash it off. This is not the colour you will be once you have showered as the dha will turn your skin the colour it would naturally go in the sun. Therefore if 10 people all used an 8% solution everyone would come off a different shade as their skins are all different. Sienna X has to be left on for at least 8-10 hours for it to work. 

Initially I worried about smelling of biscuits Haha! But in all honesty I could hardly notice the smell and the solution itself is coconut. It is so yummy :) 

Overall I am really happy with the results. On me the tan was a shade darker than my natural tone and so has left me looking sunkissed and glowy. I'm definitely excited to try out their retail range and we were lucky enough to receive some sachets to try. I am in love with their gold glitter spray and have ordered a few for my kit along with Tonight's the Night which is a 2-4 hour spray tan for people who need it for the same night.

I would definitely recommend this training for anyone who is looking to start a career in tanning or even just to add to their existing skills. For me I am only trained in Beautytherapy Level 2 so I'm always on the look out for skills to train in to boost my credentials and build my business and client base! Abs with Sienna-X, you have the added support of their lovely customer service staff who are always on hand to help with your marketing or even if you have a problem with your equipment. Don't forget you also qualify for trade prices too once you receive your certificate!

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Do you have regular spray tanning done?? Who is your favourite?

Love Holly xx

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