MAC 2014 Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection


Well hello there!

It's been quite a while since I took up my laptop and wrote a word or two! But alas I am back with another review on the new Mac 2014 Holiday Collection woo hoooo!

Now, for the last few years I have missed out on buying the holiday collection. As usual I leave it way too late and everything sells out. Not this year! 

I actually went online after seeing swatches on Instagram and thought I'd try my luck! And there it was... and everything went black.. You know the feeling yeah?  I had to buy it. Like Pronto. I couldn't afford everything but below are the goodies that kind of just appeared in my basket... Oops!! 

One thing that drew me to this collection was the gorgeous black sparkly packaging and casing. Very festive! 

I usually will always opt for the miniature pigment sets as they are such good value and I never get through a whole fullsize pot of pigment, plus they come with a glitter which for me is a bonus. This set came in at £26.00. The case is so versatile not to mention cute,  that I am re-using it to store other bits of makeup.

Dry Swatches
Wet Swatches

I also purchased one of the lipsticks in Tribalist which I think is Limited Edition. It's a Cremesheen finish and still in stock at time of editing and is the perfect colour for Fall or if you are after a vampy lip. I use Nightmoth liner with it to to give it a deeper colour payoff. Tribalist came in at the usual price of £17.00.

I added a couple more things to my basket such as one of the Mineralise blushes as I've had to throw a couple out recently. They do two In the collection - Sweet Sentiment and Modest Blush and both retail at £23.00 each. Sweet Sentiment is also still in stock at time of publishing :)

I picked up the Gold glitter from the Heirloom Mix collection as it's soooo pretty and I didn't already own a gold glitter!  They also do a gorgeous amethyst glitter and both retail at £18.50. I do think this is a little pricy for just a pot of glitter however it will last me forever and ever and .. It's Christmas and I wanted to treat myself ;) So yeah!

Have you managed to buy anything from this year's holiday collection? What was it and what were your favourite purchases?

There are still some items in stock on the website so get clicking on the link below and  treat yourselves! :)


Eyes using Objects of Affection Rose pigment set.

Full face with Tribalist Lipstick from the Heirloom Mix collection and Sweet Sentiment blush.

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Barry M Nail Art Pens Review


Hello Bloggers!

Feels like ages since I wrote a post! Time just runs away these days and at the moment I'm busy doing my Gel Nails Home Study, looking for a new job for when my maternity leave ends as well as being a mum to my 5 month old. Phew it's a busy life eh! 

So, let's get on with today's post! This evening I will be reviewing the Barry M Nail Art Pens! This is a very honest review as I was not 100% satisfied with these items unfortunately. Perhaps I just got unlucky and picked up a couple of dud pens, who knows?

Anyways, I have been on the lookout for a while now for nail art pens as I feel that sometimes with brushes, it's easy to overload them with paint and therefore harder to create fine details such as letters and outlining shapes. I was very excited to pick up these pens on a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug. I had seen some good reviews on them and photos on Instagram and instantly wanted to try them out. I have just qualified in Nail Art and wanted to try out lots of new designs.

I bought the pens in black, white and pink. I gave the black pen a good shake as instructed and pumped the nib to bring down the ink. I then proceeded to outline a few designs and do a few letters. I was impressed! So far so good! Good colour payoff and not runny.

And then it went downhill lol! The white pen I activated same as the black and all I got was a little bit of white and then a watery liquid much like tip x when it hasn't been shaken enough. Yuk! I thought maybe I had not shaken it enough so tried 3 or 4 more times. Same thing happened. The last time I shook it a load of white paint splattered out everywhere. Hmmm :-/ So I tried the pink one out. It wasn't as watery as the white but the colour pay off was so little and hardly showed up against the base colours. 

I was not impressed with the white and pink, particularly as the black is so good. I would use the white for touching up but I think I'll stick to my brushes and nail art paint for filling in and use the pens as guide lines on where to paint. 

In these designs I used the black pen to outline the 'think bubble' and the 'pow' For the Leopard Print and Domino designs, I used a dotting tool.

If I were to purchase them again, I will probably just stick to the black. It was very good for doing the finer detailing and this is very important for me :) It just makes life so much easier! 

Do you use nail art pens? Which ones do you like to use?

Love Holly 

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Status Update of the Day!

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Afternoon bloggers!

How you all doing today?? Good I hope and hopefully not feeling the Monday blues too much now it's halfway through the day!

I thought I'd share a little something a friend posted on her Facebook today. Its a lovely little statement and it's so true! I always try to comment on at least three or four blog posts each time I'm reading through. It's so easy to just press hit 'like' and 'share' but to add a little comment shows that you have gone the extra mile in letting that person know you have read their content and it really boosts their motivation.

Everyone loves a comment on their blog, page or website. I know as soon as I see that email come in notifying me of a new comment, I get all excited even after blogging for over a year. It gives you such a nice feeling that somebody out there enjoyed what they read and got something out of it. Even negative comments work in your favour as comments drive more traffic to that particular content and in a way is publicity. 

Anyway I thought I'd leave you with that little 'thought of the day' :) Feel free to share out on all your Facebook or blog pages!

Love Holly xx
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My First GRWM Video eeek!

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Hey Bloggers

I just uploaded my first Get Ready With Me video eeek! I filmed it on my iphone and its come out in portrait which is a tad annoying but I'll know better for next time! :)

Please let me know what you think! And I would love it sooo much if you could subscribe ( if you like the videos obviously) and i'll check out all your channels and sub back. I know this year it is a resolution of many bloggers to work on their You Tube Channels and i'll definitely be supporting any new channels that crop up so please do let me have your links :)

Lots of Love
Holly xx
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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Review


Good morning bloggers!! So I thought it was about time I did a little bit of mummy blogging and do a review on a rather lovely gift set my daughter was given for Christmas by one of my best friends Emma! My little girl is coming up to 5 months now and is old enough to start using gentle bath products other than just plain water and grapeseed oil which I stuck to when she was a newborn. Now I'm dead set against so called 'baby friendly' products manufactured by big money making pharmaceutical companies - Yes Johnson's .. I'm talking about you. It really bugs the hell out of me when I hear consumers who are none the wiser, say how they must bathe their newborns with Johnson's  baby shampoo or lotion or another similar alternative. These products are marketed to make parents believe these products are beneficial to their little ones skin. Please believe me, they're not.. Just read the Latin ingredients on the back and research what they are.. You will be shocked at what they put in them, petrochemicals and harsh foaming agents. Parabens as well.  No wonder babies are coming out in rashes :( But anyway, that's for another blog post as I could go on haha! 

As my daughter is now past three months I have started to try out alternative natural baby products. I'm currently using the CJs range which I will write a separate review about, as I don't think they get enough publicity for how good their products really are. 

So with this in mind, my good friend Emma who knows me very well, bought us a cute little gift set from Baby Bee containing a miniature diaper ointment, body wash, body lotion and body oil. I have used three out of four of these products so far and have had absolutely no protests from baby, no adverse reactions (rashes) and a bonus for me, a happy and gorgeous smelling baby. Even her daddy loves using the products on her :)

Burt's Bees if you didn't already know are a company who pride themselves on producing products containing naturally derived ingredients without synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates and petro chemicals. The majority of their lotions and potions contain ingredients you would find in your kitchen such as sunflower and grapeseed oil and this is why I like them. So without further ado, here is a quick lo down on the products that came in the box!

1. Nourishing Lotion - 99% Natural. Contains Buttermilk, Shea butter and Sunflower Oil. I love this! It glided on so smoothly and left Jasmine's skin lovely and soft. It left a pleasant smell, nice and subtle.

2. Baby Wash and Shampoo - 98.03% natural. Contains a plant based cleansing complex and coconut and lemon oils. This has been great! Jasmine has gotten a bit splash happy and if she gets bubbles in her eyes it doesn't seem to bother her at all! Brill! 

3. Diaper Ointment - 100% Natural hooray! This is purely just almond and sunflower oil based. What I would say with this is don't use too much. You just need a small amount as it is very thick and I ended up having to spread the ointment down her legs as otherwise she would have had a bright white bottom from where it hadn't absorbed in

4. Nourishing Baby Oil - 98.03% Natural. Contains a blend of grapeseed, wheat germ and sunflower oil infused with apricot. I haven't used this yet but will tommorow!

I definitely recommend Burt's Bees products however they are on the pricy side and I may just invest in one or two products once I finish my current ones. I don't mind paying that bit extra as I know my daughters skin is being looked after and to me that is paramount. With any skincare product there will always be a small amount of chemical and it is hard to avoid it completely so always look into the company's ethics and research the Latin ingredients on the back if you aren't sure ;) 

Happy baby bathing bloggers!!

Love Holly xx
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Project Pinterest and Wilkos Haul


Evening bloggers! Wow, my first post of 2014! It's a bit late but better late than never ay :)

So lately I've been obsessed with Pinterest! I just love looking through other photos and coveting what other people have in their homes. So much so that I've  caught the arts and crafts/DIY bug. Well may as well have a go at creating my own home decor instead of just looking at pictures and wishing away. It's amazing at how simple it is to recreate little things that look like you would buy it in a shop and with pininterest giving me so much inspiration lately, I have decided to do a monthly Pinterest Project!

I'm working on Project Pinterest January right now and can't wait to get it up on my blog in the next week! I popped into Wilkinsons at the weekend and picked up a few arts and crafts bits as well as a cute heart shaped bowl for £4.00, 2 purple Mongolian fur cushions at £8.00 each and these 10gram pots of glitter which I couldn't resist picking up as I'm a huge fan of anything glitter especially for nails and you get quite a bit in these pots! I threw away the receipt stupidly but I think they were around a pound for all three. Bargain! 

You'll also notice the Real Techniques brush I sneaked into the photo. I'm a Real Techniques virgin and I have seen so many blog posts on these brushes that I thought it be rude not to try them out :)

Do you like Pinterest? Do you ever use it for craft projects?

Love Holly xx
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