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Feels like ages since I wrote a post! Time just runs away these days and at the moment I'm busy doing my Gel Nails Home Study, looking for a new job for when my maternity leave ends as well as being a mum to my 5 month old. Phew it's a busy life eh! 

So, let's get on with today's post! This evening I will be reviewing the Barry M Nail Art Pens! This is a very honest review as I was not 100% satisfied with these items unfortunately. Perhaps I just got unlucky and picked up a couple of dud pens, who knows?

Anyways, I have been on the lookout for a while now for nail art pens as I feel that sometimes with brushes, it's easy to overload them with paint and therefore harder to create fine details such as letters and outlining shapes. I was very excited to pick up these pens on a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug. I had seen some good reviews on them and photos on Instagram and instantly wanted to try them out. I have just qualified in Nail Art and wanted to try out lots of new designs.

I bought the pens in black, white and pink. I gave the black pen a good shake as instructed and pumped the nib to bring down the ink. I then proceeded to outline a few designs and do a few letters. I was impressed! So far so good! Good colour payoff and not runny.

And then it went downhill lol! The white pen I activated same as the black and all I got was a little bit of white and then a watery liquid much like tip x when it hasn't been shaken enough. Yuk! I thought maybe I had not shaken it enough so tried 3 or 4 more times. Same thing happened. The last time I shook it a load of white paint splattered out everywhere. Hmmm :-/ So I tried the pink one out. It wasn't as watery as the white but the colour pay off was so little and hardly showed up against the base colours. 

I was not impressed with the white and pink, particularly as the black is so good. I would use the white for touching up but I think I'll stick to my brushes and nail art paint for filling in and use the pens as guide lines on where to paint. 

In these designs I used the black pen to outline the 'think bubble' and the 'pow' For the Leopard Print and Domino designs, I used a dotting tool.

If I were to purchase them again, I will probably just stick to the black. It was very good for doing the finer detailing and this is very important for me :) It just makes life so much easier! 

Do you use nail art pens? Which ones do you like to use?

Love Holly 

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