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Afternoon bloggers!

How you all doing today?? Good I hope and hopefully not feeling the Monday blues too much now it's halfway through the day!

I thought I'd share a little something a friend posted on her Facebook today. Its a lovely little statement and it's so true! I always try to comment on at least three or four blog posts each time I'm reading through. It's so easy to just press hit 'like' and 'share' but to add a little comment shows that you have gone the extra mile in letting that person know you have read their content and it really boosts their motivation.

Everyone loves a comment on their blog, page or website. I know as soon as I see that email come in notifying me of a new comment, I get all excited even after blogging for over a year. It gives you such a nice feeling that somebody out there enjoyed what they read and got something out of it. Even negative comments work in your favour as comments drive more traffic to that particular content and in a way is publicity. 

Anyway I thought I'd leave you with that little 'thought of the day' :) Feel free to share out on all your Facebook or blog pages!

Love Holly xx
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