Luxemme Two Piece Review


Oh hey! Yes I know, I know, it's been a while... I always say that every time I manage to actually write a blog post and I sound like a broken record :)

However recently  I was lucky enough to have received an item of clothing from Luxemme UK and I promised I would write up a review! I very rarely write fashion posts and even in the past have only ever stuck to beauty or cosmetics so it was refreshing to do something different !

After having a baby 2 years ago, I have only recently started to take much more of an interest in fashion. I'm the sort of girl who buys something and it stays in my wardrobe for years upon years! However this year something changed and I decided after being asked if I was expecting again (which I wasn't - mortified!) that I needed to make some changes to my diet and do something about that mummy tummy that just won't go away. This has meant buying new pieces that are both flattering and fashionable and I can honestly say that the Arleta Crepe 2 piece  I received, has fulfilled just that! 

But before I go into more detail about the outfit, I'll give you a little low down on the company that is Luxemme UK. They are in basic terms a brand new, fresh and forward-thinking fashion brand, combining Parisienne Chic with Manchester cool. They offer affordable fashion whilst offering both quality and being band on trend. I had never heard of them before, and not being a huge fashionista I probably would have just bypassed them for my beloved Boohoo....however...i'm so glad i didn't and I can honestly say i'll be back for more so thank you Luxemme - you da bomb!! ;)  

What I love about this 2 piece the most,  is the fact the shorts are elasticated which means there is some 'give' in them. They aren't too tight and the shorts  have a lovely length to them. I hate anything where the shorts are too short and tight. For me as a 32 going on 33 year old mum, I like a bit of coverage! These do that without appearing frumpy! The gorgeous lace detail around the hem also gives the shorts an illusion of being longer, concealing any lumpy bumpy bits which unfortunately I do have, yes. I bought the outfit in a 12 and for me they fit perfectly. I could maybe have even gone to a 10 because of the elasticated waist. I love that I can wear these again on their own with a different top too! 

The matching top has the same lace detail along the bottom hem line. I love that once again it gives that coverage around the dreaded midriff area, whilst at the same time just putting enough out there on show :) It looks gorgeous, and from afar it almost looks like a playsuit. The material is fairly thick, it's well made and the stitching has been done to a high standard. The only thing I would say to watch out for is to definitely read the care label. It does have a tendency to crease if folded for a while and if you are going to iron it, make sure it's on the lowest heat possible. I haven't yet put the clothing through the wash but so far I'm pretty happy with the outfit, considering normally I wouldn't have been brave enough in the past to wear it!

You can buy the Arleta Crepe Two Piece outfit HERE for £39.00! Go and have a little look!

Thanks for reading!

Love Holly x

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