Homeware Shopping List

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Hey! I've recently been perusing the homeware isles of my local Wilkos and a couple of clothes shops for our up and coming move out of the Big Smoke to Essex and as I've come across items, I've been cheekily snapping them on my phone so I could Instagram them and of course be able to put together a photo shopping list! I absolutely love buying stuff for the home and it's been so hard to hold back and having to wait until we are in, however there are one or two things on this list I'll be buying before the big day and I thought I'd share them here on my blog, because why not ! :)

These cute copper mason jar mugs are from New Look and cost £6.99 each. They also do silver! 

I simply adore this rustic key and letter holder! I'm a sucker for anything rustic looking and this is only £10.00 from Wilkos.

Name me somebody who isn't currently obsessed with owls. I'm actually buying this snowglobe to go in my daughter's new bedroom. This is also from Wilko and is £7.00.

Not exactly homeware but I liked the rose gold theme and it'd look nice on my dresser whilst keeping everything in one place! This is £15 .00 from Superdrug.

And now onto the Christmas bits!! Wilko has some stunning trinkets this year! I particularly love this lantern with the wooden hearts and at £6.00 it's a steal! 

And last but not least, Christmas candles whoop! These Yankee Simply Home medium jars are only £9.00 and can be found at Wilko and also B&Q. The Christmas Treats on the left is pretty much the same candle as Christmas Cookie. 

What's your favourite place for homeware? 

Love Holly x

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Gelish Glitter Fade Nails

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Hello! It's been a long time since I published any nail blog posts! I feel like I've had so much going on in the last 2 years that my blog has completely been neglected and although I always have something to blog about, I just have never had the time or energy. 

Anyway, I want to change this and I'm going back to basics by publishing a nail post for you all! I have to say even my nails have been neglected lately and in my previous job I was not allowed to wear polish - boo! :( But for now I'm free to do what the heck I want with them and this week I have really embraced Autumn by painting my nails a lovely chocolate and gold theme. 

Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm a complete glitter holic! I love the stuff! I was gutted last Christmas that I couldn't glitterize my nails with festive colours due to work. Who wants bare nails at Christmas? No I! Noooo! But to be fair, I'll usually opt for a glitter fade no matter which month it is! The above photo I am wearing Gelish Sweet Chocolate and a fine gold glitter which Is non-iridescent.


This photo has to be my all time favourite. I did my friends nails for her 30th and she opted for the Gelish shade in Call me Jill Frost! Again with the same Gold Glitter. 

And finally this photo was taken on a weekend away with my other half. It was in June so I opted for a really bright coral. This one is Gelish Rockin the Reef. Again I used gold lol! I do love my gold glitter for ombres,  it just compliments my skin tone but I'm definitely going to get my other glitters out for more ombré designs.

I prefer to use Gelish gel polish as have used this on clients and it lasts me up to 3 weeks, however you can do glitter fade on regular polish :) 

Do you love glitter as much as I do or do you prefer the more classic looking designs ? :)

Holly xx

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Attention all Candle and Wax Melt Addicts!

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Hey lovely peeps! 

As it's now officially Autumn, it felt it only right that I should do a review on my current favourite home scents by a little company called Tarts with a Heart. They make gorgeous smelling soy wax tarts which you pop into an oil burner or tart warmer.


Now, I'm no candle snob. Yes I love my Yankees and Bath & Body Works, but I also like to explore other brands and there are so many smaller businesses out there that make amazing candles and wax tarts. There aren't many though in the uk, or if there are i haven't found them yet. So when Tarts With a Heart popped up on my Instagram, I had to take a look. Obviously :)


The first thing that got my attention was the price. £1.00 for a tart. Whaa..! I mean they can't be that long lasting right? Wrong! These little soy wax tarts really pack a punch. I have been known to reuse one tart up to 5 times and the scent throw was just as strong. I have a very large living space with high ceilings and the whole room is easily filled with aroma. Massive thumbs up from me! 


They do a huge range of scents, it's very hard to choose what you want but at £1.00 a tart you aren't gona break the bank by buying 2 or 3. My current faves have to be Chocolate Orange and Toffee Apple Crumble. They even do tart warmers and tart bundles where you get a burner and 3 tarts included. Perfect for Christmas gifts! 


Tarts with a Heart have just launched their Christmas wax tarts and have a cute wax tart advent calendar on sale too.

If you are a candle-holic like me, definitely go and check them out! I think they are a great alternative to the more expensive brands out there and much more affordable :)

You can find their website HERE 

Happy Wax Melting :)

Holly x

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